Last Week in E-Sports: Overwatch League schedule revealed

The big news in e-sports last week was BlizzCon, Blizzard’s once a year event featuring tournaments for all Blizzard products.

Let’s take a look at the big Blizzard news and the absolute ocean of roster changes that also occurred this week.

Blizzard Announces Overwatch League Schedule

At Blizzcon we got a better look at how the Overwatch League is going to run. Its regular season will begin on January 10th and each of its 12 teams will play in games twice a week. Games will be played Thursday through Sunday, leaving the other three days of the week for content creation. Teams will be grouped into two divisions based on time zones. The Atlantic Division will include the Boston Uprising, Florida Mayhem, Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire, New York Excelsior, and Philadelphia Fusion. The Pacific Division will include the Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant, San Francisco Shock, Seoul Dynasty, and Shanghai Dragons. Each team will play 40 games in a season, 20 intra-division and 20 cross-division.

More information can be found on the official Overwatch League website.

Even More Hearthstone News from BlizzCon

We already gave you a rundown of all the major announcements from BlizzCon’s Hearthstone panels, but even more info about their popular collectible card game was revealed in Q&A’s over the weekend. Here are just a few of the facts and tidbits coming out of the dev team.

• Yogg-Saron has been undraftable for some time in arena, and nobody seemed to notice. This will be fixed in a future patch.

• Ben Brode doesn’t think that Standard is enough for the Arena format. New formats will be tested in the upcoming season.

• 9 “Arena only” cards will be added to the mode for a limited time.

• There is a possibility that Hearthstone will make its way onto consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

• The team will soon integrate the ability to choose random card backs every time you play.

• More cards are being considered for rotation into the Hall of Fame next year, though they did not reveal which ones.

• Hero cards went over well and the team may revisit them in a later expansion.

• The team will be revisiting the Wild experience to try and figure out ways to make it more appealing and engaging.

• Completing a Dungeon Run in the new expansion will get you a new card back.

• Fireside Gatherings might be used to try out a new draft format, similar to Magic: the Gathering’s.

• At some point, the team wants to add a replay feature.

The Call of Duty World League Reveals 2018 Competitive Guidelines

The competitive guidelines for the 2018 Call of Duty World League have been unveiled, and they are extensive. With over 25 bands and restrictions, a new map veto system, and extensive map option guidelines, it appears as if quite a few rules need to be imposed to make this game competitive and fair on a professional level. You can read the full guidelines here.

Speedrunners Completing Super Mario Odyssey In Less Than an Hour and a Half

Speedrunners have totally broken Super Mario Odyssey, even though the game has barely been out for a week. They have found that the game can be completed in less than an hour and a half, with current records hovering around an hour and twelve minutes. It’s theorized that the game can be completed in less than an hour since even the best runs still have quite a few mistakes in them.

Suicune Now Available in Pokemon Go

If you are still playing Pokemon Go competitively, then we have good news for you. Suicune is now available for capture! To get the legendary hound, you will need to defeat him in a Legendary raid battle at a gym.

The Big Wins

• Korean team MVP Black took first place in the HGC 2017 Global Finals at BlizzCon. They will take home $500,000 for triumphing over Fnatic.

• We saw the finals of the Overwatch World Cup go down at BlizzCon, with South Korea taking home the gold.

• BlizzCon’s Starcraft II World Championship Series came to a close with Lee "Rogue" Byung Ryul taking home the massive $280,000 first prize.

• At the BlizzCon World WoW Championships, ABC came out on top over Panda Global, bringing home $120,000 for their efforts.

• Finally, a rematch was held in classic Starcraft: Brood War between Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong and Kim "Bisu" Taek Yong, and it was Bisu who ended up winning, proving his superiority and taking home $20,000.

• We finally have a winner for the League of Legends 2017 World Championships. Samsung Galaxy takes the grown this year, triumphing over SK Telecom T1. They will be taking home almost two million dollars for their win, one of the biggest prizes in LoL history.

• The final Infinity Stone in Capcom’s Battle for the Stones has been claimed. Linj of Umbrella won the stone at the Latin America Regional Finals. The stone will allow him to remap three of his opponent’s buttons for one match. All six stone holders have now been revealed.

• Renato "DidimoKOF" Pereira Martins won the Street Fighter V tournament at the Latin American Regional Final in Sao Paulo, Brazil securing his spot in next month’s Capcom Cup.

• The Renegades won their first tournament of 2017 by defeating Virtus Pro in the StarLadder i-League Shanghai Invitational.

The Roster Shuffle

• A new CoD team titled Next Threat has been formed consisting of Doug "Censor" Martin, Jordan "ProoFy" Cannon, Richard "Ricky" Stacy, and Marcus "MiRx" Carter.

• Millenium E-Sports has replaced Tom "Moose" Handley and Shea "QwiKeR" Sweeney with David "Urban" Marsh and veteran CoD player Tomas "GunShy" Jones.

• The Renegades has returned to CoD signing Jordan "Reedy" Reed, Josh Watson, Gurdip "SunnyB" Bains, and Jake Dalton to their roster.

• Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad and Asger "AcilioN" Larsen have been removed from the Team Dignitas CoD roster.

• Preston "Priest" Greiner and James "Replays" Crowder have joined FaZe for the CoD:WII season.

• Draco E-Sports’ team has quit after one day. Nick "Happy" Suda, Steven "Diabolic" Rivero, Remington "Remy" Ihringer, and Tanner "Mosh" Clark left the organization after some issues regarding sponsorship. It appears as if Draco E-Sports did not have the sponsors it claimed to have. In addition, Remy supposedly found the Twitter of the team’s CEO, which had homophobic slurs and rape jokes on it. According to a statement from Mosh to Dot Esports "My teammate found this Twitter account, which has the same Joey Amoruso name," Mosh said. "As soon as we saw that, we got our contracts voided."

• The Shanghai Dragons has officially revealed its Overwatch League roster. It includes DPS players Chao "Undead" Fang and Weida "Diya" Lu, tank players Dongjian "MG" Wu, Wenhao "Roshan" Jing, and Junjie "Xushu" Liu, support players Zhaoyu "Fiveking" Chen and Yage "Altering" Cheng, and flex player Peixuan "Freefeel" Xu. "The Shanghai Dragons are proud to take part in the Overwatch League with an elite roster of Chinese players," the organization said in a statement. "They are all Chinese citizens and will be proudly wearing the logo that was, like the player roster, designed to emphasize the spirit and community of China. The whole team is well prepared to showcase the profession of competitive gaming on the global stage, and the mission also aims to promote Chinese esports talents at the same time."

• OpTic gaming has been rebranded as the Houston Outlaws for the Overwatch league. Its roster consists of Austin "Muma" Wilmot, Matt "Coolmatt" Lorio, Shane "Rawkus" Flaherty, Lucas "Mendokusaii" Hakansson, Jiri "LiNkzr" Masalin, Daniel "Bonik" Pence, Chris "bani" Bennell, Jacob "JAKE" Lyon, Matt "Clockwork" Dias, and Alexandre "SPREE" Vanhomwegen. It will be lead by manager Matt Rodriguez. "I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to reveal this roster, and I could not be prouder of the final result,” Rodriguez said. “Every player has such a distinct personality, and all of them are pumped to be able to call each other teammates. The mindset and the attitude of the team have been inspiring thus far, and we will continue developing and promoting a winning mentality throughout the inaugural season of the Overwatch League and beyond for the city of Houston."

• The Misfits have rebranded themselves at the Florida Mayhem for the Overwatch league. "Florida is an ebullient state full of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking people, values we share as a local company," Misfits Gaming CEO Ben Spoont said in a statement. "We're excited to stand out among the rest and come in with a bang after such strong performances throughout the duration of Overwatch Contenders. We aim to make Florida proud with our explosive (pun intended) playstyle." Their roster will consist of Johan "CWoosH" Klingestedt, Tim "Manneten" Bylund, Kevin "TviQ" Lindström, Andreas "Logix" Berghmans, Sebastian "Zebbosai" Olsson, Aleksi "Zuppehw" Kuntsi, and coach Vytis "Mineral" Lasaitis.

• The Philadelphia Fusion has announced its massive 12 player roster for the Overwatch League. It consists of Isaac “Boombox” Charles, Jae “Carpe” Hyeok Lee, Joona “fragi” Laine, Georgo “ShaDowBurn” Guscha, Hong Jun “Hotba” Choi, Giuseppe “Joemeister” Gaetano Gramano, Alberto “Neptuno” Gonzalez Molinillo, Jeonghwan “DayFly” Park, Gael “Poko” Gouzarch, Josue “Eqo” Corona, Simon “Snillo” Ekstrom, and Sumin “SADO” Kim. "We have worked hard to assemble a strong mix of all-star players and hidden gems that are ready to break out and compete with the world's best," Comcast Spectacor CEO Dave Scott said in a statement. "The Fusion roster features players and coaches from North America, Europe and Asia, which reflects the international makeup of Philadelphia, as well as our brand’s promise, a ‘Fusion’ of players from all across the world."

• The Immortals have been rebranded as the Los Angeles Valliant consisting of Christopher "GrimReality" Schaefer and Brady "Agilities" Girardi, and two new members, Terrence "SoOn" Tarlier, Ted "silkthread" Wang, Stefano "Verbo" Disalvo and Park "KariV" Young-seo.

• A super team of many talented Overwatch players has signed on to become the Los Angeles Gladiators. It consists of Cloud9’s Lane "Surefour" Roberts, CONBOX’s Jung Sung "Asher" Choi, Counter Logic Gaming's João Pedro “Hydration” Goes Telle, Kungarna’s Aaron "Bischu" Kim and Luis "iRemiix" Galarza Figueroa, and Team Gigantti’s Jonas "Shaz" Suovaara and Benjamin "BigG00se" Isohanni.

• Afreeca Freecs has announced that they are disbanding their professional Overwatch team. They have not given a reason for this descision.

• Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and real estate magnate John Goff have purchased a majority stake in CompLexity Gaming. The team will be moving to a new base in Frisco, Texas.

• Sam “DaZeD” Marine has decided to step back from competitive CS:GO after his recent unbanning stating that his “heart was never really in it.” He will be returning to his previous gig as a YouTube and Twitch content creator full time.

• The latest player for KongDoo’s DOTA2 team is… YOU! They recently posted a recruitment ad via Facebook. If you think you have what it takes to become the next big DOTA2 sensation, check it out!