Last Week in E-Sports: A big week for fighting games

Last week was a huge week for fighting games. We saw eight major tournaments, three of which were multi game events, bringing out some of the best the fighting game community (or FGC) has to offer.

We also saw the influence of the Esports Integrity Coalition expand, a new Super Mario World speedrun record set, and PUBG continue to shatter records by passing over a million concurrent players on Steam.

New Super Mario World Speedrun Record Set

Last week speedrunner Lui037 set a brand new world record for Super Mario World All Castles speedrun time. The All Castles category forces players to go through each castle in the game, preventing them from using warps to skip directly to the end. Lui037’s record is three seconds faster than the previous record set by Stephen1704 clocking in at 34 minutes and 29 seconds.

The run is considered near perfect at this point, and anyone looking to beat it will have to shave mere fractions of a second off the time.

PUBG Passes One Million Concurrent Players on Steam

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to climb in popularity, surpassing one million concurrent players on Steam. The only other game to hit that milestone was Dota 2. This officially makes PUBG the most popular shooter in Steam history.

Dreamhack Adopts Esports Integrity Coalition’s Recommendations

In an effort to codify rules for bans and suspensions across tournaments and e-sports, DreamHack has aligned itself with the Esports Integrity Coalition’s recommendations. This means that match-fixers, cheaters, and other problem players banned prior to February 15 2015 are now eligible to compete again in DreamHack events.

The ESL was the first tournament organizer to adopt these rules and regulations, and DreamHack is the second. Valve, however, has not yet adopted these regulations, continuing to ban many of these players from Valve Majors.

The EU LCS Teams Choose Their Home Cities

With the LCS switching over to a franchising model, similar to the NFL, major teams now have to claim a home city as their base of operations. It appears as many of the EU’s teams have made their decisions last week. Fnatic, G2 Esports, Misfits, and Splyce will all be stationed in London. FC Schalke 04, Unicorns of Love, and ROCCAT will operate out of Berlin, H2K Gaming and Giants will call Barcelona their home, and finally Vitality will move its operations to Paris. These city choices are not yet locked in and the teams can still change their region within the next few months.

New Pot Bonuses Announced For Upcoming Fighting Game Tournaments

Big E, the organizer of NEC18, recently tweeted out a poll asking fans to decide where an extra three thousand dollars of prize money should go. The fans voted and Injustice 2 came out on top by far, getting 65% of the vote, with Tekken 7 coming in second. Surprisingly, Capcom’s major titles both came in dead last. In addition The King of Fighters XIV will be receiving a $500 pot bonus while Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction will be getting a $300 and $100 pot bonus, respectively.

Canada Cup is joining NEC18 by announcing a five hundred dollar bonus for Super Street Fighter II Turbo of all things. It’s nice to see some prize money going toward the retro titles that made the FGC what it is today.

Big Wins

  • Team Liqud’s Du “NuckleDu” Dang took home the gold in Dreamhack Montreal’s Street Fighter V tournament after defeating FGC veteran Justin Wong. Wong’s early adoption of newcomer Menat aided him in the tournament, but NuckleDu had a counterpick ready for any possible matchup.

  • Dreamhack Monteral was also home to two Smash tournaments. Edgar “n0ne” Shelby won the Melee tournament while Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland took first place in Smash 4.

  • Celtic Throwdown 2017 was host to a number of different fighting game tournaments. Benjamin “Problem X” Simon won the SFV tournament over veteran Luffy, Simon “The Truth” Lau won the Tekken 7 tournament with Feng, and Germany’s Madzin came out on top in Injustice 2. However, the major attraction was the world’s first Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite tournament. The winner was UM|Tyrant, sporting the ever popular “Zero May Cry” team together with the Soul Stone, just to give himself some extra help in keeping both characters alive. This will clearly be one of the teams to beat going into the early MVCI meta.

  • Geek Weekend 2017 was held last week in Dubai. Adel “Big Bird” Anouche came out on top earning him 160 points toward his CPT ranking making him now the third highest ranked player in Europe.

  • Echo Fox’s Choi "Saint" Jin Woo took first place in the Tokyo Tekken Masters tournament which saw a surprising amount of unsponsored players fill the brackets.

  • Red Bull’s first major Smash event, Gods and Gatekeepers, introduced a new format that had pro players drafting their teams from a pool of “Chosen Ones.” The winning team ended up being Team Mew2King composed of Duck, Shroomed, and Zhu. Though the team lost in round 1, they eventually battled their way through losers to claim a 6-0 victory in the finals.

  • The Manilla Cup was one of the biggest fighting game tournaments last week in terms of number of games run. It ran nine tournaments in prominent fighting games. The winners were:

    • INFILTRATION in Street Fighter V

    • PBE|AK in Tekken 7

    • r/Kappa|310 in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

    • CG|Champo in Injustice 2

    • IPT|Anton in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    • IPT|PromilKid in Mortal Kombat XL

    • PBE|NerfDon in Smash 4

    • CYCLOPS|GO1 in The King of Fighters XIV

    • IPT|Alden in Blazblue: Central Fiction

  • Dreamolition Derby was another multi-tournament event that went down in Munich, Germany. The winners were:

    • Echo Fox|JDCR in Tekken 7

    • ExeGamer2910 in Street Fighter V

    • VDV|KingRasta in Guilty Gear XRD REV 2

    • President in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R

    • VDV|Chargi in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    • ZW|Achorawl in Injustice 2

  • If you were wondering what the other big names in fighting games had been doing this past week, it’s likely they were at East Coast Throwdown, another multi-tournament event held yearly in New Jersey. The winners were:

    • FOX|SonicFox in Injustice 2

    • PG|Punk in Street Fighter V

    • PG|Speedkicks in Tekken 7

    • PAG.WongNation|LostSoul in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

    • Flux in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    • GCCM|Violence in the King of Fighters XIV

    • LVLG|Lich in BlazBlue Central Fiction

  • Cloud 9 defeated CLG in the NA LCS Summer Split to secure their passage to Worlds.

  • Fnatic will be Europe’s No. 3 seed at LoL Worlds after beating H2K Gaming 3-0 in the European Regional Qualifier finals.

  • Mousesports defeated Team Liquid in ESG Mykonos’s CS:GO tournament. This is Mousesports first major 2017 win.

  • Dreamhack Montreal didn’t just run fighting game tournaments. North emerged the victor in their CS:GO tournament winning $50,000 for their efforts. Though the victory is not without scandal. Their opponents, the Immortals, forfeited their first match due to their players being late. In addition one Immortals player, Vito "kNg" Giuseppe, is currently under review for threatening his opponents on Twitter.

The Roster Shuffle

  • KSV Esports owner Kevin Chou is reportedly looking for a League of Legends team. Chou also owns the Seoul Overwatch League team spending twenty million dollars on the buy in.

  • Joseph "Joee" Pinnington, Joshua-Lee "Joshh" Shephard, Rhys "Rated" Price, and Trei “Zer0” Morris are teaming up for the COD: WWII season, though no organization has signed the roster just yet.

  • M8 Gaming has signed an all-female Overwatch team. "Following excellent examples set by the gaming community, M8 Gaming is hereby proud to announce our very first all-female Overwatch team, M8 Tempest," the organization wrote in a Facebook post. "With this, we hope to further contribute to the growing diversity within the gaming community."

  • Former Alliance mid laner Linus "Limmp" Blomdin will be joining the compLexity Dota 2 lineup alongside his brother Rasmus "Chessie" Blomdin