Kingdom Hearts 3: How to get the Ultima Weapon

So you want to squeeze every last bit of power out of Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3. Well you are going to need the best weapon in the game, the Ultima Weapon. This weapon starts with higher stats in its base form than the final forms of almost all other keyblades in the game. It has 13 attack, 13 magic, and comes combo boost, air combo boost, and situation boost. The only keyblade that can surpass it in any way is the Classic Tone, another secret keyblade obtained by completing all 23 Classic Kingdom mini-games, which can reach 14 magic when upgraded fully.

Long story short, the Ultima Weapon is a beast of a keyblade, and its formchange, the Ultimate Form, allows you to chew through enemies with no effort. However, if you want to obtain it, you are going to have to go through a somewhat tedious process. Yes, this is a keyblade that is only really awarded to completionists, which is a shame because you’ll barely have anything to use it on by the time you obtain it. Still, if you are up for this massive and tedious undertaking, we have a guide that will guide you through every step of obtaining this most powerful of keyblades.

Step 1:  Obtain the recipe

Before you can synthesize the Ultima Weapon, you have to unlock the recipe in the shop. To do this, you need to obtain 58 different synthesis materials. You should be almost done with this quest by the time you finish the game. If there are still a few gaps in your list, remember that you can use synthesis to upgrade lower quality materials into higher quality ones. If there are still gaps in your list, then I suggest going around to the many different worlds and participating in battle gates with the Favorite Deputy keyblade equipped. This keyblade increases your drop rate and should allow you to flesh out the rest of your synth list in less than an hour.

Steps 2-4: Obtain common materials

To craft the Ultima Weapon you are going to need two Lucid Crystals, two Pulsing Crystals, and two Wellspring Crystals. Luckily enough these aren’t that hard to find.

Step 2: Obtain Wellspring Crystals

The first thing to do is get Wellspring Crystals, more than you actually need. To do this, go to San Fransokyo and head to Battlegate 12. Complete this battlegate over and over again equipped with the Favorite Deputy and you’ll slowly rack up your stock of Wellspring Crystals.

Step 3: Obtain Lucid Crystals

Lucid Crystals have to be crafted at the shop using a Wellspring Crystal (this is why I told you to stock up on more than you need), two Lucid Gems, three Lucid Stones, and five Lucid Shards. With any luck you’ll just have these materials lying around in the endgame. If not, then you can farm these items by killing Malachite Boleros in Corona for Lucid Shards, Chief Puffs in the same world for Lucid Gems, and Air Soldiers in Olympus for Lucid Stones.

Step 4: Obtain Pulsing Crystals

Once again these can be crafted using the same recipe as Lucid Crystals, but with pulsing materials. You can head to Olympus to kill Satyrs in Battlegate 1 to get Pulsing Gems, and killing Earth Cores in the same world will get you Pulsing Shards. For Pulsing Stones, stop by The Caribbean and kill Powerwilds.

Steps 5-11: Obtain Orichalcum +

There are only seven Orichalcum + materials in the game and the Ultima Weapon requires all seven of them. In fact, it’s the only recipe that uses this material, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally wasting your Orichalcum + when you find them. So where do you get them? Buckle up, it’s gonna be a long trip.

Step 5: Turn in Moogle Postcards until you get an Orichalcum +

You may notice that you have a chance of getting a postcard any time you buy items at the shop. You can turn these in at a post box in Twilight Town to get prizes and one of these prizes is an Orichalcum +. So what’s the fastest way to do this?

First of all, your chance of getting a postcard is random every time you exit the shop menu. So every time you buy something make sure to buy just one item, then back all the way out of the menu to see if you get one, then go back in. Yes, it’s boring but it’s worth it.

Once you have a pocket full of them, save your game. Then turn them all in and hope you get an Orichalcum +. If you don’t, reload your save and try again. This is just totally random so keep at it until you get it.

Step 6: Open the chest at the Final World

There is only one chest in the Final World, the world of sky and sea that Sora meets Chirithy at the end of the game. Open it to get an Orichalcum +.

Step 7: Open the chest on Exile Island in The Caribbean

Exile Island is a small little island to the southwest of the center of the map in The Caribbean. There’s only one treasure chest on this island. Open it and you’ll get an Orichalcum +.

Step 8: Find all hidden treasures in the Arendelle Sled mini-game

If you head back to Elsa after completing the events of Arendelle, you can choose to play a sledding mini-game. Hidden around this sled course are ten treasures. Find them all and you’ll get an Orichalcum +.

Step 9: Find the Flantastic Seven and get high scores in each of their mini-games

Okay, this one’s a doozy. There are seven special heartless called the Flantastic Seven scattered around the Disney worlds. Each one allows you to play a special mini-game, and if you can manage to get a high score in each of them, you’ll get an Orichalcum +.

So where do you find them?

The Cherry Flan

The Cherry Flan is found in Olympus. Warp to the overlook save point and then run up the stairs behind you to find the Flan.

In this mini-game you’ll have to run into flan on a sled course. You’ll have to score 20,000 points to clear it. Prioritize big groups of Flan and you should be OK. Just be careful of what boosts you hit since they can rocket you off in the wrong direction.

The Strawberry Flan

The Strawberry Flan is easy to find. Teleport to the rest area save point and search by the vending machines and you’ll find it easily.

In its mini-game, you need to use the mad tea cups to run into flan and make a flan tower. The higher your tower, the more points you’ll get. Just be careful as running into flan on giant strawberry balls will knock flan off your tower, as well as running into walls or making the top of your tower hit the ceiling. You’ll need 17,000 points to win.

The Orange Flan

The Orange Flan is found in the Kingdom of Corona. It’s right outside the hidden entrance to Rapunzel’s tower in the middle of a clearing.

The Orange Flan’s mini-game is a game of “Pokeflan Snap.” There will be seven Flan prancing around the forest and you have to take the best possible picture of each one. To get the most points, you have to wait until they do a unique pose before snapping a picture. Your goal is to beat 23,000 points. Good luck, this is one of the harder Flan mini-games.

The Banana Flan

The Banana Flan can be found in Monstropolis. Warp to the basement save point and then go through the white door. Proceed until you reach a wall of colored doors and go through the tan door at the far left end. In the next area turn around and you’ll see the Banana Flan.

You will have to score 20,000 points in this mini-game in order to get a high score. Your goal is to kill the small Flans while dodging the giant Flan’s attacks. Use high level thunder magic to take out groups of flans at once to get the highest possible score. Just remember to keep moving and you should be fine.

The Grape Flan

The Grape Flan can be found in Arendelle. Teleport to the mountain ridge save point and then jump down off the hill to the left. You should see a small speck to the left of a grove of trees. This is the Grape Flan’s crown. Aim for it while you descend.

The Grape Flan’s mini-game asks you to kill as many Flans as possible. The gimmick is that you can reflect their magic back to them for higher points but it’s not worth it. Just use thunder magic to take out huge groups at once and you should be able to score 20,000 points and break the 20,000 point record.

The Watermelon Flan

The Watermelon Flan is one of the easiest to find. Teleport to the Port Royal fort save point and then turn right and you’ll see it right in the middle of the courtyard.

It’s time to play some Flan Space Invaders. Hit the canons to fire them and take out the approaching enemies. Focus on the ones with a huge watermelon crown as they give the most points. You can ring the center bell every so often to make all four canons fire four times. You pretty much only want to do this when most of the shots will hit an enemy, since it takes time to recharge. You need to break a score of 29,000 in order to win.

The Honeydew Flan

Teleport to the south district save point at night in San Fransokyo to begin your search for the Honeydew Flan. Climb to the top of the San Fransokyo tower and look for a building with a circular roof. The Honeydew Flan will be on top of it.

Your goal here is to bounce off the top of the Flan’s heads without touching the ground. After you bounce on a Flan it will open its mouth and attempt to eat you, so make sure you bounce on a different flan. Always aim for the gold sparkling Flan as it will get you the most points and fling you to another building. Clear 15,000 and you’ll win.

Phew that’s it! That’s all the Flan mini-games done and a new Orichalcum + added to your inventory… And your quest for the Ultima Weapon still isn’t over!

Step 10: Defeat the Omega Machina in the Eclipse with your Gummi Ship

This one isn’t so hard provided you’ve sunk a bit of time into your Gummi Ship. The first thing you should do is warp to the Keyblade Graveyard in the Eclipse area and embark on a Gummi Ship journey. This way you won’t have to weave through the convoluted corridors of the battleship again.

Next, you’ll want to fly to each corner of the battleship, where you’ll find a battle encounter. Two are bosses while two are normal encounters. Each time you defeat one of these encounters you’ll notice that a section of the battleship will light up. Then, defeat the encounter at the lowest tip of the battleship. After you do this you should notice that a new encounter will show up at the battleship’s highest point. This is the Omega Machina, the hardest Gummi Ship boss in the game. Defeat it and you’ll take home an Orichalcum +.

Step 11: Find 80 Lucky Emblems

Here is the hardest step. There are 90 Lucky Emblems in the game and to get an Orichalcum + you will have to photograph 80 of them. Frankly, posting a Lucky Emblem guide is a whole other article and is far too much to post here. So be on the lookout for our Lucky Emblem guide in the future. The only advice we can give you is to keep your eyes open and retrace your steps through every single world in order to not miss a single hidden Mickey.

And that’s it! Now you have two Wellspring Crystals, two Lucid Crystals, two Pulsing Crystals, and seven Orichalcum + materials. Just go to your nearest Moogle Shop and synthesize the Ultima Weapon, and have fun being overpowered for the rest of your post-game activities.