Killer Instinct Season 3 kicks off today with four new fighters

It's time to get your Killer Instinct back on, fighting fans.

Microsoft, working alongside the developers at Iron Galaxy, have just released the third season of the fighting game Killer Instinct for Xbox One, with four new fighters entering the fray – classic series favorites Kim Wu and Tusk, Battletoads' Rash, and Halo's Arbiter. More fighters will be introduced over the course of the season, including Mira, who's debuting in April, and classic series boss Gargos, arriving in May.

In addition, those who purchase the Season 3 Ultra Edition will get access to various new costumes and accessories, along with upcoming goodies in the next few months.

A new Shadow Lords mode has also been hinted at, with potential global domination in mind.

Check out the trailer below, and prepare to get your fight on!