Killer Instinct’s Eagle gets a trailer and release date

Last month, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy confirmed that Killer Instinct’s next DLC character will be Thunder’s bow-wielding brother, Eagle. During the week’s E3 event, Iron Galaxy both unveiled a new trailer for Eagle and also confirmed when exactly players will get to take him for a spin.

As you can see in the above trailer, Eagle can use both acrobatic close-range combos and his iconic bow and bird companion to whittle his opponent’s health bar down no matter what range he engages them at. While his bow will only have a limited number of shots, Iron Galaxy says Eagle’s bird companion (which is also an eagle) can actually retrieve any arrows that miss their mark and return them to Eagle.

In a recent interview on the Xbox Daily livestream, Microsoft’s Nicole Fawcette also confirmed that Eagle was created thanks to a collaboration between Iron Galaxy and the Nez Perce Indian community, a tribe which hails from the Pacific Northwest but which also has a reservation in Idaho:

"Everything you see around Eagle, the way he looks, the weapons, his voice, the music, every single thing has been influenced by the team over in the Nez Perce community. The stories, the things he says, his taunts with the snake eyes, that is all authentic to the Nez Perce. We wanted a character that fit with the lore, but also fit with the way this character should be dressing.”

Eagle will become available for purchase in Killer Instinct on June 27.