Jump Force: Tips and tricks to become the greatest anime hero

Are you ready to fight against the forces of anime, or are you button mashing and finding yourself lying on the pavement with Frieza laughing over your near lifeless body? Jump Force is a pretty simple game, but its tutorials don’t do much to actually explain the nuances. If you need some help becoming the next big anime hero, check out these tips and tricks.

When you aren’t doing anything, block

This is perhaps the most basic fighting game tip of them all, but it’s easy to forget stuff like this among the energy blasts and flashy super moves. If you aren’t doing anything else, block. It will prevent you from taking damage from most of your opponent’s attacks. In fact, it will negate everything but throws and smash attacks, yes even the flashiest of energy blasts. In fact, if your opponent whiffs one of these massive moves at you, that is your chance you get in a major punish.

Don’t forget your assists

Assists are very, very good in this game. They come out instantly and immediately start attacking and can deal immense damage or keep your opponent on block. Offensive, defensive, really doesn’t matter, milk your assists for all they are worth.

Try to consider your assists when building your team order. Remember, you can only use the assist of the character that comes immediately after you. Always try to put your best assist in the second slot and your best character in the first slot.

You can also use your assists as a wake-up technique. If you get knocked down, just hold the assist button and you’ll tag in attacking. This is a great way to catch your opponent if they attempt to keep the pressure on.

If your opponent is blocking, stop your string early and grab

Grabs are very quick in this game, but very short range. They frankly don’t work very well as an opening attack. However, if you stop your string early and grab, it’s very hard to see. Online with delay it’s nearly impossible to react to, so it’s a fantastic tool to punish turtlers.

Make sure you stop your string early when your attacks are quick. If you follow your string to the end and grab then, it will actually come out later due to the long cooldown of your later attacks, in which case your opponent has a better chance to react to it.  

Always go into awakening mode before using an awakening attack

When your awakening gauge is filled, you can use your character’s awakening attack. However, you can also trigger an awakening state which greatly increases your damage. While you are in an awakened state, you can use your awakening attack whenever you like and it will end the awakening mode. Quite frankly, there is no reason not to use awakening mode first before using an awakening attack unless the awakening attack would win you the game.

Awakening changes some characters’ move sets

Using your awakening with some characters will change their appearance. For example, Goku will go Super Saiyan. With this change in appearance sometimes comes a change in basic move sets. While your supers will remain the same, your basic hit strings might change and this might greatly change how your character plays.

Not only that, but some characters have secondary and tertiary awakening stages which occur if they use their awakening more than once in a battle. For example, Goku can go Super Saiyan Blue. These too can change your move set.

Just don’t charge… ever

It’s an anime game, so of course your first instinct is to stand around and charge your energy. Here’s a piece of advice: don’t. Frankly it takes too much time to start up and cool down and you’ll almost always get punched in the face for it. You can charge for a very small amount of time after knocking the opponent down but the small amount of meter you gain is not worth the pressure opportunity you give up.

Time your escapes for when you can punish the hardest

If you have stamina left on your stamina meter, you can use the left shoulder button to vanish out of hit-strings safely. However, this isn’t a 100% safe technique. If your opponent reads it, they can pursue with a super. Similarly, if you do it early enough in a combo, they can just use an assist to keep on pressure. You want to use this when your opponent overcommits to a slow move. Vanish out right before the move hits and you’ll be able to punish them for massive damage.

Diversify your special attacks

A major part of Jump Force is its create-a-character mode. Your character will have access to special moves from all the other characters in the game. So there’s no real reason to put all your eggs in one basket.

Most characters in the game have three different attacks for special moves. However, your created character can include one attack, one buff, and one throw, and they will be a far bigger threat than anyone on the roster. Diversify your special attacks and your enemies will fall easily.

Remember, you won’t get the reward in free missions unless you do the extra objectives

Confusingly, Jump Force will mark free missions as clear even if you didn’t get any reward for doing them. By pressing square on the PS4 or X on the Xbox One you can actually look at the rewards for each of these missions. Greyed out rewards are claimed, so keep at each of these missions till you get them all.