Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass – Tips, Tricks and Technical Solutions

If you’ve recently started playing Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass you might have encountered some technical issues. Maybe you are stuck fighting powerful enemies. Maybe the game won’t even launch. Maybe you just want to resize the window and don’t know how.

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass isn’t perfect, but it’s well worth the effort of getting it to work. We’ve got advice about to get this fascinating title up and running, and some advice on how to get the most out of the game once you do.

Getting it to work

You are going to have to put some effort into getting Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass to work properly.

Step 1) Download Joy2Key

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass doesn’t have very good built in controller support. Luckily, you can fix that with a handy little program called Joy2Key, which translates controller inputs into keyboard inputs. This has been in use for quite a while in the indie-gaming world, so it’s not hugely surprising that you need to use it with this game.

After downloading and launching Joy2Key, choose to make a new profile for Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. Then, start assigning your buttons. Pressing a button or tilting a stick on your controller will highlight it in Joy2Key’s button assignment screen. Use this to figure out which button you are mapping.

Map your d-pad and left analog stick to the arrow keys for basic movement. The basic “action” button is the Z key, so that should be mapped to the X button on a PS4 controller, or the A button on an Xbox One controller. The cancel button and menu button are the same thing, the X key, and I find double mapping to be helpful. I’ll usually map it to both the “start” button on whatever controller you are using (such as the options or trackpad button on the PS4) and the button to the right of the action button (B for Xbox One, Circle for PS4). Then you have two more buttons. S is the transformation button which lets Jimmy change forms on the map and A is the map action button which lets Jimmy use one of his forms’ special abilities. These I usually map to the last two face buttons.

Now that you have Joy2Key set up, all you have to do is have it running in the background while Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is playing, and you’re good to go.

Step 2) Download Scott’s Window Resizing Utility

It’s infuriating, but Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass doesn’t let you resize the window. Luckily, there is app specifically for doing that. It’s called Scott’s Window Resizing Utility, and it lets you manually type in the width and height of the game window. I suggest a width and height slightly less than your screen’s resolution. Make sure to type in numbers that correspond to a 4:3 ratio if you want to keep the proper aspect ratio.

You’ll see a lot of different options and programs inside the window Resizing Utility. There’s no real reason to screw around with them for this particular game.

Step 3) Know the universal RPG Maker Shortcuts

There is no built in menu option for Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, but one does exist. You can bring it up at any time by pressing F1. In this menu, you can toggle where the game launches in full screen along with a few other bare-bones graphical options. You can toggle fullscreen mode by pressing alt+enter, and you can exit the game by pressing alt+f4. You can also return to the title screen at any time by pressing f12.

Playing the Game

Now that you have it up and running, here are some tips for general gameplay.

Level your forms evenly

Every time Jimmy levels up one of his forms, he gets an added stat point to his base stats. These added points are extremely important. If you focus too much on one form, you will find yourself poorly balanced. However, if you focus on all forms evenly, you’ll find yourself easily steamrolling your enemies in battle.

Get the Happy Little Sunflower form to level 40 fast

The Happy Little Sunflower form is a healer, but it also has one of the most important passive abilities in the game. It allows you to gain 50 percent more imagination XP. This allows Jimmy’s forms to level faster, which means more stats, more abilities, and an easier time in battle generally. If you are going to focus on any form, focus on the flower first.

Steal from everything

Several different abilities will allow you to steal from the enemy, and you should always have one of these abilities at hand. You can steal snacks from rampaging vending machines to heal your party. You can steal edges from squares to make them less threatening triangles. Stealing is simply one of the best abilities in the game.

Pick a stat and min-max

It’s better to be a specialist than a generalist in Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. As soon as you can, find an ability that deals heavy damage to one enemy. Then heavily increase the relevant stat that boosts that ability. Some abilities do up to 800 percent damage, and these are the ones that are most important. Once you have a killer ability, wander into a high level area, use the ability to win the battle, lather, rinse, and repeat for easy leveling.

Revisit early areas

The clubhouse acts as an easy fast travel point to any area you have already been to. You should take your time to revisit earlier areas of the game. You’ll often find that you can access new and more disturbing dungeons with powerful equipment hidden at the end. Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is filled with sidequests, and you’ll get the best experience if you can tackle them all. If something looks suspicious then it probably is, so take a mental note and check on it after you progress a bit.

Take on optional bosses with different parties

You will frequently run into optional bosses in your travels, and you might find that they are significantly more powerful than your team. This is usually because you have the wrong party. An optional boss might be too much for say, Jimmy and his mom, but come back with the whole family and you’ll easily be able to take it down.

Buy healing items early

Unlike in most RPGs, healing items increase in price as you get further in Jimmy and the Pulsaing Mass. Inflation sucks. You can only ever hold 10 of each item, but it’s worth it to stuff your pockets in the beginning of the game. The same items that cost $10 now will cost $200 later.

Abuse death

There is no real death in Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, you just lose half your money and restart on the world map. Use this to your advantage. If you don’t have a lot of money to lose, take a purposeful death to refresh your party. Then get back into the dungeon and take everyone on at full health.

If you have any other questions about Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass or if you need help getting past a difficult part of the game, ask us in the comments!