Injustice 2 voice actor talks about the unpopularity of Aquaman

Considering he’s voiced the superhero Aquaman in both the Young Justice cartoon series and both Injustice: Gods Among Us and its upcoming sequel, voice actor Phil LaMarr knows a thing or two about DC’s King of Atlantis, and he has a very sound theory on why Aquaman tends to be the butt of many DC-related jokes.

During a recent San Diego Comic-Con panel, LaMarr had this to say in regards to Aquaman’s noticeable lack of appeal when compared to other DC mainstays like Superman and Batman:

"It goes back to the silver age comics, when they created the character. They had the Justice League. It’s a simple matter of color palette. Back then, they only had so many colors on newsprint. They had Superman in red and blue. They had Wonder Woman in red and blue. Batman, black and blue. Two guys in green and Flash in red. You can’t do anymore red, can’t do anymore green. What color do we have left? Orange. He got the last color left. From that point on, he was C-list. He was the guy who’s left over. It got imprinted into his superheroness, even though he’s the king of the ocean."

Fortunately, LaMarr also believes that Aquaman’s recent appearances in Young Justice and the Injustice games are helping to rebuild the Atlantean King’s reputation as a badass warrior with a legion of equally badass sea creatures at his beck and call. LaMarr is also excited to see Jason Mamoa’s portrayal of Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League movie, saying that it will further strengthen the image of a “badass Aquaman.”

For those who prefer a playable version of Aquaman, Injustice 2 is set to launch for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime next year. The game’s two most recently confirmed fighters are returning combatant Wonder Woman and newcomer Blue Beetle.