Injustice 2 Multiverse mode will offer endless single-player variety

We went hands-on with Injustice 2 for this exclusive new footage, diving into the newly revealed Multiverse single-player mode. We also opened a few Mother Boxes and tried on some gear.

Multiverse mode involves a rotating collection of single-player battles featuring specialized rules, bonuses, and challenges. It looks to provide an enormous amount of play variety specifically for those who enjoy the single-player side of things. In our time with the game we played a mode where you could summon help from Superman mid-match and another where life-restoring hearts would appear in the stage at random intervals. A "low gravity" tweak was also mentioned, but we didn't see it in action.

Developers from Nether Realm on hand at our preview event said that Multiverse mode will have a large pool of different worlds that will be available for limited times before rotating out. Progressing through a given world will often require the use of certain characters or will require an elevated character level, providing incentives to practice with and level-up the entire roster.

As you can see in the videos, each Multiverse world represents a different, skewed take on DC lore, from a future where Joker has declared himself emperor to a world where General Zod fights for truth and justice. 

In the above footage you'll get a look at Captain Cold, Supergirl, Joker, Aquaman, and more. 

Below, you can check out Deadshot, Green Arrow, Bane, and Catwoman.