Is The Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 1 DLC worth buying?

Now that Starfire has joined the Injustice 2 roster as its third DLC character, all of the content that’s included in the game’s $20 Fighter Pack 1 is officially available, which means it is now time to look over the entirety of the DLC bundle pack and determine how much value it offers to a typical Injustice 2 player.

Fighter Pack 1 offers a variety of content, including three new DLC fighters, an exclusive shader pack, and a single Premier Skin, a decent amount of new stuff to be sure, but is it all worth the pack’s asking price?

The New Fighters

The main appeal of Fighter Pack 1 is, unsurprisingly, the new DLC fighters it grants access to. Purchasing Fighter Pack 1 allows you to play as Injustice 2’s first three DLC characters, Red Hood, Sub-Zero, and Starfire, and the three new additions manage to each make their own distinct marks on the game’s universe, if only to a certain degree.

Naturally each new fighter has their own distinct moveset, backstory, and voiceover (though the fact that Steve Blum voices both Sub-Zero and Green Lantern can be a little off-putting), and from a pure gameplay perspective, they’re all pretty fun to play as. Red Hood offers a strong balance of close-quarters mix-ups and long-range pressure, making him a solid pick for players who like to keep their opponents on the ropes.

Sub-Zero behaves in a very similar manner to his Mortal Kombat counterparts, punishing his foes with hard-to-read combos and devastating ice attacks. Lastly, Starfire’s energy-based special moves let her zone enemies at range before quickly closing the gap and finishing them off up close.

Gameplay-wise, I doubt any dedicated Injustice 2 player will be disappointed by Fighter Pack 1’s new roster additions, but those who enjoy the game for its story and character dialogue might be left feeling wanting. That’s because, even though each DLC character has their own distinct voice lines, no additional voice lines were added to the base game’s roster to accommodate the new additions. This can lead to awkward/unsatisfying dialogue exchanges between existing fighters and DLC characters, though for the most part NetherRealm makes the most of what it has.

The Finery of a God

Also included in the Fighter Pack 1 DLC is the exclusive God Shader pack, a series of special shaders that can be applied to any character, making them appear as a white-clad god. On most characters, the God shaders look pretty cool and can serve as an interesting alternative for characters that you haven’t unlocked any other shaders for. The only potential downside is that the God shaders also cause a character’s eyes to glow white when equipped, and there’s no way to disable the eye glow effect.

For characters like Starfire, Bane, Deadshot Green Lantern, and Red Hood (i.e. characters whose eyes already glow and/or are obscured by a mask or helmet), this isn’t such a big deal, but if you wanted to attach the shader to a character like, say, Black Canary or Superman, consider yourself warned.

If anything, having access to a series of new shaders that you don’t have to first unlock/buy with in-game currency is a nice little bonus, it’s just a shame the glowing eye effect isn’t optional.   

Power Girl Enters The Fray 

Lastly, Fighter Pack 1 includes one of the three original Premier Skins (skins that alter an existing character to make them look and sound like an entirely separate character) that were available when Injustice 2 first launched: the Power Girl skin for Supergirl.

Personally, I didn’t find the Power Girl skin to be as exciting as the other two base game Premier Skins (the other two being a Reverse Flash skin for Flash and a John Stewart skin for Green Lantern), but if you’re already a Power Girl fan, this is sort of a no-brainer.

You should note, however, that much like the actual DLC characters, NetherRealm didn’t put any dialogue in for the base game’s characters that links directly to the Premier Skin characters. This means that, while Power Girl has her own voice and dialogue, none of the game’s other characters have any dialogue that’s unique to her. This certainly isn’t a deal-breaker, but it can be a noticeable caveat for players who enjoy seeing all the different character interactions.

Final Thoughts

Since purchasing individual DLC characters costs $6 a pop, paying Fighter Pack 1’s $20 price tag basically means you’re getting both the Power Girl Premier Skin and God Shader pack for an extra $2. Whether those extras are worth an additional $2 to you is something only you can decide, but personally I’d argue that they definitely are, especially since the God Shader pack includes shaders for all unlocked characters and amassing enough in-game premium currency to buy a single Premier Skin usually costs, at a minimum, $5.

Again, only you can decide if the pack’s contents are worth it, but if you were already planning on investing in Injustice 2’s full DLC offerings but you skipped out on the game’s Ultimate edition, Fighter Pack 1 can certainly go a long way towards keeping you up to date.