Injustice 2 could soon be heading to PC

NetherRealm’s DC brawler sequel Injustice 2 made quite a splash when it launched back in May of this year, despite the fact that it only launched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, if some recent retailer listings are to be believed, PC gamers may soon be able to pit their favorite DC characters against each other in NetherRealm’s latest.

For now, the evidence supporting a PC version of Injustice 2 is circumstantial at best, consisting of little more than listings that were recently spotted on various European retailers like Game Mania and Amazon’s French website (listings which have since been taken down). However, the original Injustice: Gods Among Us was eventually ported over to PC itself, so it’s not unreasonable to believe that Injustice 2 will be as well, we just don’t know how long PC players will have to wait before NetherRealm finally pulls the trigger.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already played Injustice 2 on consoles, you definitely should. The sequel takes large strides in refining the already solid formula of the first game and has some pretty awesome DLC fighters, including the most recent addition, Black Manta.