Injustice 2 Bizarro Superman and tournament shaders now available

While Injustice 2’s third DLC character, Starfire, won’t be joining the game’s roster until later this month, NetherRealm is helping to make the wait a little easier by releasing two new pieces of minor DLC: a Bizarro Superman premier skin and a series of new tournament shaders for all current fighters.

First up, the Bizarro Superman premier skin functions like previous skins by retaining Superman’s base moveset but featuring its own unique appearance, voice lines, and visual effects for certain abilities. You can watch a short preview of the new skin via this tweet from the official Injustice Twitter account.

Injustice 2 players can now also purchase a new series of special tournament shaders that add in a sleek gold and/or silver-colored outfit for every fighter (including Starfire, Sub-Zero, and Red Hood). Proceeds from tournament shader sales (they cost 5,000 Source Crystals) will go towards supporting Injustice 2 eSports events and tournaments. You can see the shaders in action courtesy of the below video.