Injustice 2’s Raiden trailer reveals a new premier skin for the god of thunder

We already knew from the previous Fighter Pack 2 reveal that Mortal Kombat’s resident god of thunder, Raiden, will soon be joining the Injustice 2 roster as a DLC fighter, but the new Raiden spotlight video that NetherRealm recently launched also confirms a new premier skin for the DC brawler: Black Lightning.

Yep, that’s right, Black Lightning, a somewhat lesser known DC hero who has nevertheless been one of the more oft-requested DLC fighter fan requests for Injustice 2, will indeed be making into the game as a premier skin for Raiden. Since Black Lighting is a premier skin character, he and Raiden will share the same moveset (though it isn’t yet clear if or how NetherRealm will replace the lightning dragon and large Mortal Kombat symbol that accompany Raiden’s ending animation and super move respectively), while Black Lightning will have his own separate voice actor and dialogue.

The end of the video confirms that Black Lightning will be free to those who own Injustice 2’s Ultimate Edition, though it isn’t yet clear if Fighter Pack 2 owners will also get him or if they’ll have to purchase him separately.

A specific release date for Raiden/Black Lightning hasn’t yet been confirmed, but NetherRealm says fans should expect their arrival sometime in October. Raiden is the second Mortal Kombat fighter to be added to Injustice 2 following Fighter Pack 1’s Sub-Zero, and after Raiden yet another guest character is on deck: Hellboy.