Injustice 2’s newest spotlight video focuses on The Atom

The final wave of DLC fighter additions for Injustice 2 will kick off on December 12 with the arrival of The Atom, making now the perfect time for developer NetherRealm to release a new spotlight trailer for the size-altering combatant.

As you can see in the below trailer, The Atom can naturally use his size-shifting ability in a number of creative ways, incorporating it into his attacks, defensive maneuvers, throws, and even general movement. He can also use a variety of gadgets to stun and immobilize his opponents, leaving them open to a sizeable (sorry) amount of punishment. For those DC lore fans who are interested, Injustice 2’s version of The Atom is Ryan Choi, the protégé of original Atom Roy Palmer.

After The Atom, Injustice 2’s third and final DLC Fighter Pack will see the release of the villainous Enchantress and what is perhaps the craziest guest character (or characters to be more accurate) to date: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.