Injustice 2’s latest trailer summarizes all of the game’s components

With just under a week to go before the launch of Injustice 2, NetherRealm has released a new trailer which covers the various reasons why DC and fighting game fans should be very excited to play it.

The trailer, which is aptly titled “Everything You Need To Know,’ covers pretty much, well, everything that makes Injustice 2 so compelling. Specific topics include the expansive story mode in which players take part in an epic clash between Superman’s Regime, Batman’s Resistance, and Gorilla Grodd’s Society, the game’s large roster of playable heroes and villains, the expansive Multiverse mode which will give the game near infinite replay value, the in-depth gear system which will allow players to customize both the cosmetic and gameplay traits if their favorite characters, and more.

If what you see in the trailer looks good, you’ll be able to play Injustice next week when it launches on May 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.