Injustice 2’s Cheetah gets her own trailer

Last month, NetherRealm released a trailer for Injustice 2 which put the spotlight on some of the game’s female fighters and also confirmed that Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Cheetah would be making the cut for the sequel’s roster. Now, NetherRealm has released a new gameplay trailer which focuses specifically on Cheetah.

Going by what is shown in the below trailer, it’s hard to tell how much Cheetah will differ from Catwoman since the two seem to have pretty similar fighting styles. In fact, odds are that NetherRealm likely could have gotten away with making Cheetah into an alternate premiere skin for Catwoman (like how Flash will have a Reverse Flash premiere skin), and the fact that it chose instead to make her into her own separate character suggests that both Cheetah and Catwoman have big parts to play in the game’s story.

Either way, give the below trailer a watch if you want to see Cheetah pummel opponents like Wonder Woman and Deadshot (her ultimate attack is featured as well). Injustice 2 will launch on May 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.