Injustice 2’s Black Manta goes head-to-head with Aquaman in new trailer

Black Manta will be the first of the three new DLC fighters coming to Injustice 2 courtesy of the game’s second Fighter Pack, and NetherRealm has provided a new trailer that shows off the Aquaman villain’s unique fighting style.

As you can see in the below video, Black Manta will employ a number of different tools and tactics when he enters the Injustice 2 fray, including (but not limited to) knives, kicks, eye lasers, bombs, rockets, and a harpoon gun. He’ll also have a pretty impressive super move, one which involves the use of a familiar-looking weapon to finish off his foes.

Along with Black Manta, Fighter Pack 2 will also grant access to Mortal Kombat’s Raiden and the wisecracking red devil himself, Hellboy. A specific release date for Black Manta hasn’t yet been confirmed, but he’s expected to arrive sometime in September.