Infamous: Second Son CES Demo

At the mind-blowing and massive Sony pavilion at CES, gamers were treated to a chance to play through a demo section of the upcoming PS4 game Infamous: Second Son. In the demo, the player is tasked with clearing an area of the city of the hostile military-police, destroying a command center, and then battling a massive armored boss wielding a minigun.

No surprise – the game looked amazing. The graphics are top-notch, and the fire, smoke, and explosion effects were beautiful. That’s a very good thing, since judging by the demo this is going to be an explosion-heavy game, in the best possible way.

On Wednesday afternoon at the show, Sony amused the crowd by bringing out some actors dressed in-character to promote their various titles. Watching a guy dressed as the main character of Second Son learn to play the game was a lot of fun.