Indiewatch – Kill It With Fire allows you to kill spiders with all the excessive force you always wanted to

Comedy is difficult. Writing a game script that is funny Is hard to begin with but writing a game whose gameplay is inherently funny is even harder. We have had a few breakout comedy hits like Goat Simulator and Surgeon Simulator, and they established a formula. Overreaction = humor.

But few of us will ever be a surgeon and fewer still will ever be a… goat. Many of us, however, have experienced what it’s like to freak out seeing a spider in your house. Or maybe you aren’t really afraid of spiders, I myself think they are kind of cool. However, I’ve screamed bloody murder seeing a hornet in my house, and gone to great lengths, destroying my furniture and wall decorations, just to kill one fly.

That’s exactly the type of feeling that Kill It With Fire is trying to evoke. The scenario is simple. You have just bought a new dream house. You are all moved in when, suddenly, you see a spider. You manage to kill it, but then when you are eating lunch, minding your own business, you see another. They aren’t necessarily trying to kill you, but they are big honking creepy crawlies, and they aren’t going away.

What is a home-owner to do?

Well, have you tried… gun?

And there we have the classic overreaction recipe. You don’t simply step on spiders on Kill It With Fire. You shoot them. You throw pieces of furniture at them. You burn them to death with a flamethrower… and maybe your whole house as well.

That’s the core gameplay loop here. There are spiders in your house and it’s up to you to find them and kill them by any means necessary. Some might be hiding behind furniture. Some might be actively on the move and you have to chase them down. Some spiders are big and take multiple swats to take down. Some are little and are difficult to aim at.  Its spiders all the way down, but the objective is the same: kill them all.

Of course, that alone would make for a boring game. However, there are objectives that you can meet in every level in order to earn more points and purchase more upgrades. This usually involves killing spiders in certain ways or with certain restrictions. One of the very first objectives you have is quite literally “kill spiders with a gun.”

The upgrades available are a little weak. Many of them are just simple functionality upgrades, such as being able to run while holding shift, or being able to bind weapons to shortcut keys. It’s pretty clear that not a whole lot of thought was put into the progression system, which is a shame because the levels themselves are a blast.

The game is set up in such a way that you are bound to overact simply by virtue of what is around you. You won’t necessarily have access to reasonable ways to kill your spider roommates. You will destroy your house, and that’s what makes the game funny. Taking down walls just to kill a single bug and walking away saying “job well done” is certainly worth a chuckle or two.

The question is, how much of a chuckle is it worth. As always, this is better played with friends and it makes fantastic streaming content. However, whether or not it’s actually worth the price of entry is another thing entirely. The levels are kind of samey and the objectives don’t vary things up enough. You can easily get a few hours of laughter with this game, especially with a few friends watching, but it’s highly unlikely that you’d end up coming back.

That being said, the price is right. It’s only a $13 game on Steam, well within impulse buy range. Do you want a couple of McDonald’s value meals, or do you want a few hours of hilarity killing some creepy crawlies? It’s basically the same price as going to a movie, except the movie is a burning house filled with spiders.

So yeah, Kill It With Fire is definitely worth a look, but don’t expect it to end up being the next big indie release that takes up all of your time. Maybe with a few new patches and some new content, it could feel like a full-fledged game, but for now, it’s just a diversion, a fun diversion but a diversion all the same.