Indie Update: Don't Chat With Strangers, Clustertruck, Lichtspeer

What's up in the world of indie games today? New releases and upcoming titles, that's what! On this week's Indie Update, we'll take a look at some of the most noteworthy launches of the week. Before we get to all of that, though, we'll be discussing an upcoming horror game that recently popped up on Steam Greenlight.

Let's talk indie games!

Feature Story: Don't Chat With Strangers gives online chatting a supernatural twist

Very little is known about Don't Chat With Strangers. The game was successfully greenlit on Steam, and it features a very creepy premise. Basically, your character begins chatting with a girl online one night. It all starts out very simple and innocent but soon strange, supernatural things begin happening around your character's room.

The trailer and description for the game are both quite vague, but they indicate that something sinister is going on. The trailer showcases a few glimpses of the horrors that players can expect. For example, while chatting with the girl, you can see her face quickly turn into a skull for a split second. In another instance, you see your character bloodied on the floor. Both of these things happen really quickly and you could miss them if you blink, but they point toward a dark, ominous plot.

Once again, details about the game are sparse, but it looks like it could be a promising horror title — especially if it utilizes some sharp writing rather than going straight for the jump scares. Given that it's a game about online chatting, the narrative will hopefully be strong enough to deliver some chills. As someone who's old enough to remember the advent of online chat rooms and the anonymity that was an inherent part of them, I find this title especially intriguing and hope the story takes some interesting turns.

Don't Chat With Strangers is being developed by Bartosz Bojarowski, who previously released a game titled The Madness of Little Emma on Steam. He released an update on the Greenlight page saying that there's still plenty of work to do before the game's done, but he's hoping to have it finished by November.

Downloadable Indies

Axe, Bow, & Staff isn't your typical pixelated RPG

Coming from Crewcat Games is Axe, Bow, & Staff. The game provides a fresh take on the RPG, tasking you with controlling three characters as they move along individual paths on the screen. The catch is, you can only control one character at a time. Thankfully, you can switch freely between characters, giving them commands to take down enemies and obstacles. The premise is hectic and the action is fast-paced. And if you feel like teaming up with people, you'll be glad to know that the game supports local and online co-op for up to three players.

Axe, Bow, & Staff is out now on Steam and Humble for $9.99. Or you can pick it up on its official website for $8.99.

Bloody Walls is a free zombie shooter

Sometimes all you need is a simple idea. Bloody Walls from developer L. Stotch is as simple as it gets; all you do is go to different floors via an elevator and shoot zombie after zombie. If the Steam user reviews are any indication, you can also give a teddy bear to a little girl in exchange for explosives, which is kind of cool. Judging from the reviews it's pretty hard on your hands, but it's also free so if it seems interesting to you, might as well give it a shot, eh?

Bloody Walls is available to download for free on Steam.

Clustertruck is exactly what it sounds like — sort of

Clustertruck from Landfall Games is one of those titles that's not at all difficult to describe. Basically, there's a convoy of big rigs traveling at breakneck speed, and you have to jump across the trucks without ever touching the ground. That's it. It's a simple, addictive platforming concept that's made challenging on account of the trucks' erratic movements along the road. The whole thing has this Superhot-esque look to it that's really clean and stylized. Also, it looks like mad fun!

You can download Clustertruck on PlayStation 4, Steam,, and Humble for $14.99.

EggK47 … umm … hmm

Honestly, EggK47 from Lorag Games may or may not be a good game, but I'm leaning toward the latter. That said, I couldn't pass up the chance to include a game titled EggK47 on here. Plus, look at that ridiculous picture of a chicken holding a gun!

EggK47 is $4.99 on Steam. I'm not sure if that price is worth what will likely be a few minutes of laughter. But, hey, maybe it is?

Lichtspeer is an arcade spear-chucking kill-fest

If Bloody Walls and Clustertruck aren't enough to convince you that sometimes simplicity can be a good thing, then take a look at Lichtspeer. Developed by Lichthund, the game invites you to chuck spear after spear at waves of fantastical enemies, including penguin Vikings, zombies, and hipster giants. Though the concept is in no way complex, the game keeps things interesting by challenging you to take on different kinds of baddies.

Lichtspeer is downloadable on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Humble. The game will run you $9.99.

Merger 3D takes you back to early days of the FPS

Is that old school Doom? No. So wait, is that Wolfenstein 3D? Nope! Hold on, hold on, hold on … Is that Merger 3D? Wrong again! Oh – actually, uh, yeah, that's exactly what that is.

If you're in the market for a retro-styled FPS, you may want to check out Merger 3D on Steam for $1.99.