id and Bethesda show off Doom Eternal, Rage 2, Quake Champions and more at QuakeCon 2018

The QuakeCon 2018 keynote this year was packed full of content for fans of id software and Bethesda, and although the highlight for most people was undoubtedly the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal, there was still plenty of interesting news for IPs like Rage 2, Quake Champions, Elder Scrolls Online, and the future of Bethesda Game Studios.

So, let’s dive into everything you might have missed at the QuakeCon 2018 keynote.

Doom Eternal

Although Doom Eternal closed out the keynote, it was easily the biggest reveal of the show, showing off more Doom Eternal gameplay than you could shake a bloody chainsaw at.

The highlights include a set of upgraded weapons and armor for the Doom Slayer, including a shoulder mounted flamethrower-rocket launcher combo and a new piece of wrist mounted cutlery for slicing and dicing.

The full gameplay reveal also showed off a grappling hook mounted to the super shotgun, an energy sword called the crucible blade, a pile of new enemies, destructible demons, and multiplayer gameplay that allows other players to take control of demons hunting everyone’s favorite Doomguy.

You can read more about everything new coming to Doom Eternal here.

Rage 2

Rage fans should be thrilled, because id and Avalanche released an extended gameplay trailer for their punk-tastic post-apocalyptic FPS. Part of the trailer is a new angle on the quest demoed at E3 back in June, but the extended trailer shows off a few more in game environments, some more weapons and abilities, and highlighted the vehicular combat we’ll see in the main game.

This vehicle combat included a showcase of raider convoys - groups of enemy vehicles led by a massive raider vehicle boss that will take some heavy-duty firepower to bring down. We also got a demo of the player’s ability to rain down artillery and basic machinegun fire to destroy other vehicles. Unfortunately, what we saw in the trailer was fairly rudimentary in terms of vehicle to vehicle combat, but hopefully we’ll see it evolve more between now and release.

Quake Champions

As a bit of a surprise twist, Quake Champions revealed both a new hero, the Death Knight, and announced that Quake Champions is officially going free-to-play. This corresponds to the road map id outlined at last year’s QuakeCon.

You can still purchase Quake Champions’ starter edition if you want a small boost to your game, but now at a reduced price, and of course the Champions Edition is still available (currently on sale for $19.79 on Steam) if you want to access every character on the roster, plus all future characters. It’s important to note that a free-to-play or standard account will still have be able to unlock every character available to the Champions Edition via in-game or premium currency.

The Death Knight is a familiar face for veterans of the Quake franchise, and will be able to unleash a powerful blast of fire as his special ability, including what appears to be several balls of homing fire to roast your enemies in a burst of fragging potential.

The Elder Scrolls: Online Wolfhunter and Murkmire DLC

The lead developers from The Elder Scrolls: Online also made an appearance to showcase the new Wolfhunter and Murkmire DLCs soon to arrive on Bethesda’s MMO platform.

As you would expect, Wolfhunter adds a series of werewolf themed quests and dungeons to The Elder Scrolls: Online and will officially launch for PC on August 13. Likewise, the Murkmire DLC will add a massive new playable area to the main map and allow players to dive deep into Argonian lore and culture. The Murkmire DLC doesn’t have a confirmed release date but players can expect it to arrive sometime this fall. 

Escalation studios join Bethesda

Finally, Bethesda announced that Escalation Studios, a developer that’s been working with them on everything from VR editions to Switch ports, will be joining the Bethesda Studios family as Bethesda Game Studios Dallas.

Bethesda Game Studios Dallas will reportedly be aiding in the development of a variety of future Bethesda products, including The Elder Scrolls: Blades, and Bethesda’s newest sci-fi adventure Starfield.