Hunt: Showdown gets a behind-the-scenes developer video

Hunt: Showdown is an upcoming PvPvE monster-hunting title from Crytek that was born out of the ashes of a previously planned co-op title called Hunt: The Gilded Age. In the new title’s first developer video, the team behind Hunt talks about having to reboot the central concept and why they feel Hunt: Showdown will provide an intense PvP experience like no other.

The beginning of the video briefly runs through the reasoning behind why Crytek decided to shift the gameplay focus from purely co-op to the current PvP/co-op hybrid. Hunt: The Gilded Age was being worked on by Crytek’s Austin studio, but when the company underwent some financial difficulties, it had to shutter the Austin location and Hunt wound up getting passed over to the company’s Frankfurt studio. There, the Frankfurt team decided to reshape Hunt to better match the development team’s expertise, and Hunt: Showdown was born.

In Hunt: Showdown, player-controlled teams of hunters must prowl around a large open map, track monsters, and work towards killing and banishing them, all while keeping a constant eye out for the greatest threat of all: each other. Hunt: Showdown doesn’t yet have a solid release date but Crytek has confirmed the game is being developed for PC.