How to get a ton of supplies early in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Black market shops are a useful resource in Dishonored, allowing players to upgrade their gear, purchase useful items, and potentially purchase rare items like runes and bone charms for a pretty penny. Of course, pretty pennies are occasionally hard to come by in the early moments of Dishonored games, and Death of the Outsider is no different. That’s why nearly every black market shop has a sneaky way to get behind the counter so that you can pilfer whatever loot you see fit.

Unfortunately, this does shut down the shop for the rest of the level, but it’s a small price to pay compared to the amount of coin you save on the gear you would normally need to buy for a small fortune. You’ll find plenty of other black market shops in later levels, but we suggest you spend what money you’ve managed to collect up to this point on upgrades, because this is the only significant feature you won’t be able to access once the shop is closed.

The Whispers of Rats

The first black market shop in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (which you can access during the "Follow the Ink" mission) is uniquely challenging, because it’s easy to miss the entrance entirely. Unlike most challenges in Dishonored your options for breaking into this shop are relatively limited.

That said, the only clue to breaking in is listening to the small pack of rats in the shop itself. They’ll ramble to great length about gnawing at wood and steel until it gives way to a feast of fish and fat. You’ll notice that the black market shop is also the local supplier for black market whale oil, which is presumably the feast the rats refer to.

So, to get inside the shop you’ll need to think like a rat, which means checking for low to the ground vents, and various small entrances around the area. In this case, our goal is hidden, but easy to access. Look to the left of the shopkeep and you’ll notice a small folding sign ironically asking customers to report all theft. Knock this aside, and you’ll find a broken vent, presumably ripped open by our furry friends.

Trigger your Foresight ability and you’ll be able to squeeze through the vent into the shop itself. At this point you have several options as far as how to get inside.

For characters going for zero detections, you’re going to want to place a Mark behind the shopkeep, return to your body, and then teleport through the grating to the Mark. At this point you can quickly grab the shopkeep and silence him before he notices you’re there. This method can be a little tricky, because you’ll need to line up the mark so that you can access it through the grate, but generally if you place the mark just behind and to the left of the shopkeeper you’ll be able to pull it off without issue.

Alternatively, you can also look to the right of the door while using Foresight, and you’ll notice a three-digit combination written on a chalk board.

Return to your body, and insert the code into the lock to the left of the door and it’ll pop open, just keep in mind that the second you step inside the shopkeep is going to notice you, shut down the shop, and you’ll likely earn a detection, which could ruin your ghost status for this mission. You can still avoid the detection if you teleport behind the shopkeep and either stab or choke him before he notices your presence.

Stealing from Thieves

Now that you’re inside, you’ll be able to loot a bit of coin from the back shelves, but your real prizes are stored behind the sliding metal grates. Pop them open and you’ll be able to get your hands on a few traps, a grenade, a stockpile of ammo, and more importantly, two black bone charms and two cursed bone charms.

For us, these charms included both Rapid Displacement, which allows you to click quickly to instantly Displace without a marker, and Distracting Visit, which generates a clone of Billie in the location she teleports from, giving you a chance to escape dicey situations while enemies attack your clone.

Both bone charms are incredibly useful on their own, and the fact that you can get your hands on them for the attractive price of free make them so much sweeter in the long run.