Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: How to find and beat Medusa

Medusa is easily one of the deadliest creatures in Greek mythology, and in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey she’s shrouded in both mystery and chaos. She’s simultaneously one of the most out-of-the-way end-game bosses and the most difficult to fight, which makes things complicated when you throw in the fact that killing her is the final piece of the puzzle to complete the Atlantis portion of your Odyssey.

Fortunately, we managed to find her, her stone garden, and the many, many quests you need to complete to open the door, so let’s dive into how to find and kill Medusa in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Finding love and stone gardens

Before you get started, it’s important to note that Medusa is really meant to be the final end-game boss. This means that it’s tucked away on the far-off island of Lesbos way up in the northwestern corner of the map, and that it has a suggested level rating of 48 through 50.

You might be able to get away with doing things on the island at level 48, but the quests associated with Medusa are all rated level 50, so lower leveled characters should consider hitting some side quests or alternative activities if they want to go toe to toe with the big nasty and make it out alive.

To get started, you’ll need to make your way to the town of Eresos on the south side of the Petrified Valley in Lesbos proper. Once you arrive, you’ll see a number of available side quests in the area, but you’ll want to make a bee-line for the one called Romancing the Stone Garden, which should be on a cliff on the north side of town with a crowd of people screaming at a young woman.

Speak to the women and agree to help her save her lost love Ligeia, then deal with the mob using a bit of blade and fire. When everything settles down return to the woman in the nearby temple to learn more of her story and her name, Bryce.

Again, offer to help Bryce save Ligeia, and follow her to their sanctuary in the Petrified Forest to the north, and then into the realm of the writhing dead beyond.  Bryce will lead you past a number of people Medusa has turned to stone, and eventually to the door of a massive Isu structure.

There’s no way to get inside right now, but Bryce will reveal that the Daughters of Artemis on Chios once had access to the key to the door, and should still have it stowed away in their village. Additionally, she’ll reveal that a local mercenary claims to have fought and killed Medusa and lives nearby.

You technically only need to get the key to the Isu ruin on Chios to proceed, but hunting down the mercenary will reveal more of the story and what to expect from the battle with Medusa proper. That said, whether you complete both is entirely up to you.

Hard to Artemis

Either way, you’ll need to head to the island of Chios to the south if you want to get your hands on the key to Medusa’s lair. Specifically, you’re on your way to the Daughters of Artemis village in the Haunted Forest of Artemis province on the north side of the island.

Whether or not the huntresses in the area are hostile to you is entirely dependent on if and how you completed the Daughters of Artemis quest for killing all the legendary animals. If you became the leader of the Daughters of Artemis, your fellow huntresses will let you walk around the village freely, otherwise you’ll need to sneak around like your usual heavily armed fort.

When you get close to the entrance, if you’ve completed the Daughters of Artemis quest, you’ll be confronted by a Sentinel guarding the cave who will inform you that there are bears inside the cave that are also guarding the treasure that are not friendly to anyone who enters. If you aren’t the leader of the Daughters of Artemis, then when you approach the cave you’ll need to fight your way inside past human and beast alike.

Once everything is safe, make your way to the top of the wooden staircase inside and loot the chest to complete the quest and acquire the Gorgon Disk to open Medusa’s lair. 

Heavy is the Spear

If you choose to hunt down the mercenary, head over to the Ancient Pearl region of Lesbos and make your way up the mountain to the viewpoint on the north side of the region. When you get close, Ikaros will prompt you find the mercenary wandering around the ruins of an ancient temple at the top of the mountain.

Speak to the mercenary, and you’ll learn that the cult of the Kosmos originally hired him and his allies to retrieve the piece of Eden that the Medusa treasures. You can then ask for the Mercenary’s spear to help fight Medusa, at which point he’ll challenge you to a fight to the death for it.

The fight with the mercenary is pretty straightforward, just focus on parrying his light attacks and then moving in close to dole out damage. If you have a bounty at this point you’re also likely to get a visit from another mercenary mid-fight, so if you want to keep things simple be sure to pay off the bounty before the fight.

Once the mercenary goes down for good, loot his body for a lackluster blue spear, and a note from the mercenary describing the events of the night when he fought Medusa.

The note is the more interesting content here, because it reveals that Ligeia was present the night the mercenaries fought the writhing dread, and that she also delivered the killing blow to the creatures. Except, after the creature died she touched a fallen piece of her hair, which caused her to transform into the creature once again.

It’s possible that the one who kills Medusa is doomed to become the Dread Pirate Roberts of snake haired gorgons, but you won’t know for sure if your Isu heritage will protect you until you fight her proper. 

Exploring a pit of snakes

With key in hand, make your way back to the Petrified Temple and speak with Bryce, and when you’re ready, use the Gorgon Disk on the stele to the left to open the door to the Petrified Temple.

Before you go inside, prepare yourself for a lengthy, difficult battle. If you’re level 50 we recommend visiting a local blacksmith to level up your preferred legendary weapons and gear and toss on any additional engravings that you think will help fit your combat style.

Although melee and assassin damage are important for this fight for pulling off Hero Strikes and Overpower attacks, also consider increasing your ranged damage or upgrading your bow as well. There are times while fighting Medusa where you’ll be forced to seek cover and having a high bow damage during these engagements can make the fight progress much more smoothly.

You’ll also probably want to equip a weapon with the “-1 Overpower Attack cost” like the axe you receive for killing the Minotaur. This is because during the upcoming battle Medusa will periodically summon minions to attack you and having extra adrenaline to quickly take them out of the fight is extremely valuable.

Once inside the temple, Bryce will sprint off into the mist and you’ll be left to track her and Medusa down on your own time. There are several chests scattered around the ruins, but be careful of the snakes, which are almost everywhere. If you’re quick, you can use a fast weapon or a weapon with a long reach to kill them before they strike. A torch is also particularly effective, either use it to smack the snakes before they strike or throw it at them to light them on fire.

Follow Bryce’s voice over a series of snake pits and past several stone statues, and you’ll enter Medusa’s layer proper. After a short cutscene where Bryce makes a horrible discovery, the battle will kick off.

Fighting Medusa

The second the fight kicks off, Medusa will rise into the air and surround herself with an impenetrable shield, and summon three stone minions. She’ll also begin firing a beam at your character that will slowly begin to petrify and turn you to stone.

Your number one priority at this point is to get behind a stone pillar to break contact with the beam. If you start to get slowed down significantly, spam your dodge key to try and roll behind a nearby pillar or to put one of Medusa’s stone minions between you and the beam.

When you’re in cover, take some time to carefully kill off Medusa’s minions with a combination of ranged and melee attacks, but be careful when activating your Overpower and Hero Strike abilities, because while stuck in the animation, you’re still vulnerable to Medusa’s petrification beam.

As you deal damage to her minions, Medusa will periodically throw bolts of lightning at you that you’ll need to dodge, but once you kill all three during this phase her shield will drop, and she’ll fall to the ground, vulnerable long enough to squeeze in an Overpower Attack and a Hero Strike if you’re quick.

Once you do a bit of damage to her, Medusa will hop back on her feet and jump back to throw lightning at you once again. Dodge away to a nearby stone pillar and be prepared for another petrification beam. While she’s shooting at you, feel free to take the opportunity to send a few arrows at her by lightly peaking out from behind your pillar.

Just be prepared once the beam stops for her to teleport around the battlefield to try and get an angle on you for some more petrification action. In between every beam, she’ll also throw more lighting bolts your way, so be prepared to dodge just after she shuts off the beam and slams her sword into the ground.

The key here is to just focus on consistently hitting her with arrows to whittle down her health and build up adrenaline. It’s best if you can keep a poison or fire effect on her one way or another, but otherwise just consistent shots from your bow while peaking out from a pillar should do the job.

Once you knock out about a third of her health Medusa will jump to phase two of the fight, which mostly just involves her jumping to the center of the battlefield and shielding herself again so that she can harass you from range while summoning another host of minions.

This time there will be four stone soldiers to deal with. Focus on killing them with ranged attacks from behind a pillar, and then use Hero Strike or an overpower attack when they get close.

They’re relatively fragile, so they should go down quickly, at which point Medusa will fall to the ground again, and be vulnerable to a round of melee attacks if you’re brave enough. That said, she now can grapple you and throw you to the ground if you get too close, so if you’re low on health, head straight for a pillar and switch back to ranged damage.

After you deal a bit more damage she’ll start teleporting around again, and repeating her beam-lightning-teleport tactic, so find a pillar and stick to it while firing pot shots from a distance. Remember that if you get low on arrows that you can craft more in your inventory screen by clicking on your quiver, or snag some from the arrow racks around the perimeter of the battle.

Once you get Medusa down to 30 percent of her health, she’ll jump back to the center of the arena and summon five more stone soldiers for you to tango with. Deal with them like the last group, then prepare for a short melee window before retreating to peck at Medusa with arrows.

At this point, Medusa will enter her final phase, and will begin teleporting around twice before settling on a location, throwing way more lightning bolts, and in general using her petrification beam a lot less. This does make hitting her much trickier, but keep up a consistent volley and save your adrenaline for healing, and she should go down like a snaky pincushion before long.

Once Medusa is dead and buried, collect the piece of Eden from her body and watch the short, sad cutscene play out. For your trouble you’ll also unlock a Medusa figurehead for your boat, a legendary engraving, and a final legendary weapon called the Harpe of Perseus, which drastically reduces the cooldown on your skills and abilities.