How to excel at Titanfall 2’s Frontier Defense mode

At long last, Titanfall 2’s latest content update, Operation Frontier Shield, has added in a newly revamped version of the Frontier Defense game mode, a co-op mode which also proved to be a hit when it was initially introduced in the original Titanfall.

In its Titanfall 2 iteration, Frontier Defense comes packed with new features such as multiple difficulty levels, Aegis ranks for Titans, deployable traps, and more. All this can make Frontier Defense a bit intimidating to jump right into, but if you utilize the below tips and strategies we’ve outlined, you should be gunning your way to victory in no time.

Try To Stick With One Titan Early On

The new Aegis ranks system allows you to unlock powerful new upgrades for each Titan chassis, but unlocking those upgrades requires actually using your Titan to earn accolades similar to how you level up your pilot character.

With that in mind, if you want to quickly unlock new Aegis ranks and their associated abilities, you should stick mainly to a single Titan so that it can rank up at a steady clip. You can’t switch your Titan chassis once a Frontier Defense match begins, so you might as well go with one you want to stick with over the long haul, especially once you graduate to higher difficulty levels.

Shoot From The Ship

A returning feature from the original Titanfall’s Frontier Defense mode is that, whenever your pilot is killed, you’ll respawn into the match by being dropped off by a dropship. As the dropship is flying in, you can use whatever pilot weapons you have available, so feel free to try and score a few lucky hits on the enemy forces before you actually land. This can be an especially helpful strategy if you have a sniper rifle or launcher weapon equipped. 

Nuclear Ejection Can Save Your Bacon

In Titanfall 2’s PvP modes, human opponents are often smart enough to quickly move away when you trigger a Titan’s Nuclear Ejection ability, making it one of the less popular abilities to equip. However, the AI foes in Frontier Defense usually adopt a strong zerg mentality which can be bad news in most cases, but not so much if you equip your Titan with Nuclear Ejection.

If there’s a cadre of several enemy AI Titans coming in and your Titan is already a little low on health, you can take them all out at once by rushing into their midst, letting them wail on your Titan a bit, and then triggering the Nuclear Ejection at the last moment. 

Don’t Forget Armory Items

The Armory is yet another new Frontier Defense-exclusive feature that allows players to purchase and utilize various buffs and deployable items using cash earned by defeating the mode’s AI enemies (it essentially acts as an alternative to the Boosts system since Boosts can’t be used in Frontier Defense).

Using the Armory, you can basically custom-tailor your horde defense playstyle, choosing whether you want to passively buff your pilot and/or Titan, deploy a variety of traps, or directly empower the Harvester to help it survive a tough enemy wave.

Turrets Can Be Repaired

One of the most handy Armory items you can buy (especially during the first few waves of a match) is the deployable Sentry Turret. Much like in PvP matches, the Sentry Turret will automatically lock onto and fire at any enemies that enter its field of vision, but, unlike in PvP, the turret isn’t fully destroyed if it sustains too much damage.

Instead, the turret will simply power down and a HUD notification will show that it can be repaired. If a player reaches a turret and repairs it with a quick press of the reload button, the turret will spring back to life good as new. This makes investing in turrets early a very good strategy, especially in higher difficulties when every bullet counts.  

Enjoy The Benefits of Full Progression

Perhaps one of my favorite elements about Frontier Defense (other than the fact that it’s purely co-op) is that it doesn’t really restrict player progression in any way. You still earn pilot XP and rank up much like you do in PvP, and you can even complete a large majority of in-game challenges in Frontier Defense as well (with the obvious exception being any challenges that require killing enemy players).

This means that if there’s a particular gun you want to level up or a new pilot ability you want to try out without having to put yourself through the crucible of PvP play, Frontier Defense is an excellent (not to mention less aggravating) alternative.