Hitman 3: How to use poison, coins, cameras, and other tips to become the deadliest assassin

It’s been a while since we got to step into the shoes of Agent 47, so it’s understandable if you are rusty. Don’t worry if you get caught a few times on your first few assassination attempts. Hitman is a living breathing world with a lot of moving and interacting parts. But these few tips will help you navigate through that world, and score kills without creating too much suspicion.

The reconnaissance run is important

Your first run through a map shouldn’t be for killing. It should be for information. Everything in Hitman 3 is predictable. NPCs move on fixed schedules, passwords for doors are always the same, and most importantly, shortcuts stay open after you open them. So if you come up upon a locked door and bust it open somehow, every subsequent run through the map will have that door already open.

For this reason, you probably shouldn’t even take weapons into your first run. Instead, just take items like lockpicks and crowbars. Make your way around the map unlocking every single shortcut you come across. Make notes of cameras and security systems as well as important NPCs. Then, once you have an idea of how the map operates and you have unlocked every major shortcut and path, head back in and you’ll find that once complicated assassinations are a walk in the park.

Save scum like crazy

Hitman 3 lets you save anywhere and everywhere and you should. If anyone ever told you that save-scumming was a dishonorable way to play a game, shiv them in the kidneys and start saving. It is very easy for things to go south. NPCs can walk around corners and spot you even if you meticulously planned out your route. Not to mention, the game is a little glitchy and glitches can ruin even the most intelligent assassination plan.

You should probably save before and after every kill, when reaching any new room, when obtaining a new item and disguise, and really whenever you feel a bit of tension in the air. You should also save to different slots as well. It’s possible to screw up so bad that you just won’t get the rating you want unless you head back in time first.

Don’t worry about killing NPCs too much

In past games, killing an NPC penalized your XP. Now… it just… doesn’t. The only real issue with killing an NPC is that you leave evidence behind, making it more likely that you will get caught, but if you really want to you can go around murdering just about everyone as long as you are stealthy about it. Even better, kills actually GRANT you XP at the end of the mission. So really, go to town. Yes, this isn’t exactly the way that IO Interactive wants you to play Hitman but it’s certainly an efficient way. It’s also better than having to reload the entire stage again after a single NPC kill like you had to in Hitman 2.

Cameras are easier to deal with than they first appear

There are lots of ways to deal with security cameras. You can find the control room, destroy their server, and take them all offline. You can use items to shroud your appearance allowing you to pass in front of them without being detected. Or… you can break them.

As long as you aren’t within the sightline of a camera a single silenced pistol shot will take them out and that’s basically it. No one really panics as long as no one saw or heard you do it. Sometimes the direct way is the best way.

Use instinct vision basically all the time

This is a pretty simple tip but really, you should almost always be in Agent 47’s instinct mode. This will immediately point out important characters, interactable objects, items, and much more. It’s practically cheating because it will tell you exactly who will notice you if you get within their line of sight.

Look out for the exclamation points

Remember to heed the heads up display. If you are going to take an action that will cause suspicion, you will be prompted with a red exclamation point. This is a great way to tell if someone or something is watching you that you might have missed.

Coins are so useful

Coins are basically the best item in the game. The A.I. in Hitman 3 is… well… stupid. Coins will lure basically any NPC to any location you want, so long as they can hear it. One of the cheapest ways to eliminate NPCs is to throw a coin into an open doorway while waiting on the other side of it. When the NPC comes to pick up the coin, grab them, drag them into the room, and eliminate them silently. As long as you drag them to the other side of the door outside of lines of sight quickly, no one will notice, even if they are standing right on the other side.

The camera is your best friend

One of the newest items in Hitman, the new camera accessory allows Agent 47 to hack things from long distances. Once again, this makes otherwise difficult situations child’s play. You can open doors, fry computers, turn off cameras, and more just with your handy digital companion. It’s a must-have, especially on reconnaissance runs.

Make people puke

Everyone in Hitman 3 is thirsty, like, all the time. If you are having a hard time isolating an NPC, just dump some non-lethal poison into their drink. It will make them nauseous and cause them to bolt to the nearest bathroom. Either follow them in or wait inside and boom, free kill.

Don’t focus on guns too much

This isn’t an action game and as such, you probably don’t want to go in heavily armed. Yes, sometimes it’s fun to just take in an automatic weapon and mow down everyone, but if you really want the XP, you’ll want to take a single silenced gun and that’s about it. Otherwise focus on things like lockpicks, coins, benign tools like screwdrivers, and other ways to generate distractions

Got any other Hitman 3 tips, leave them in the comments.