Hitman 3: How to unlock the secret ending

I wasn’t a big fan of the plot in Hitman 3 but I will say that its endings are very, very, good. Most notable is its secret ending, which actually brings the Hitman story full circle. Interested in how to unlock it? Read on.

SPOILERS AHEAD. This is your only warning.

The only choice…

While Hitman 3 is mostly a sandbox murder simulator, there’s not a whole lot you can do to affect the story. The only relevant choice comes at the very end of the game, in the game’s final mission, Untouchable.

This mission tasks you with getting to the front of a speeding train filled with Providence soldiers. At the front is your prey, the big bad of the game itself, the Constant of Providence, Arthur Edwards.

When you get there, you are given a choice of methods to execute Edwards. You can kill him with an ax, strangle him, shoot him, all the standard tools of the trade, but the most poetic of these is by a special serum which will completely erase his memories.

The secret ending is unlocked if you take the serum in hand and do nothing. That’s it. Just wait and do nothing. By that, we mean stand absolutely still and press no buttons on your controller. If you wait for about 47 seconds (we see what you did there) Edwards offers you this serum as a way out, to forget everything you have been through and return to being a hitman under Providence. Now you have the option to take Edwards’ deal and inject yourself with the serum. Do so, and the game will proceed to the secret ending.

What is this ending?

If you go down this path, Agent 47 will pass out and wake up on a table, in a suit, in a padded room. You will hear Edwards say “Wake up, my friend. It is the dawn of a new day and you have things to do.” This is a direct mirror of the very first scene in the very first Hitman game released in 2000, right down to the room. Agent 47 has brought his career full circle and has become a tool of Providence once more. This will also get you the “Countdown from 47” achievement.