Hitman 3: How to solve the Thornbridge Manor murder mystery

One of the best side missions in Hitman 3 happens during the Death in the Family level, where your target is the corrupt Alexa Carlisle. Before you assassinate her, it’s worth completing the Means, Motive and Opportunity” Mission Story first.

On top of the ramifications of faking her own death and worrying about Agent 47s arrival, Alexa is dealing with a family crisis: her brother Zachary died overnight. While it looks like suicide, Alexa is suspicious that one of her children or staff may have done him in, so she hired a private investigator to solve the mystery.

The story seems to be influenced by director Rian Johnsons Knives Out (itself inspired by other classic whodunnit books and films), and its a ton of fun to interrogate the eccentric Carlisle family before completing your actual objectives. But it can also be easy to lose track of the alibis and evidence you need for the investigation.

Thats where this handy guide comes in! If youre stuck or feel like you have no way out (make sure to save scum often), consult the info below to get back on track and find out who the real killer is in Thornbridge Manor.

Trail The Detective

Youll spot the detective right at the beginning of Death in the Family, and youll need his disguise if you want to kick off the murder mystery story. Carefully follow him to the house (crouch and use the environment to hide from the guards), and then use the open window to the right of the main entrance to sneak into the mansion.

Stay put for a second. The detective will speak with the butler, Mr. Fernsby, in the foyer, but hell eventually walk over to the hallway youre in. Use this opportunity to knock him out, put on his clothes, and hide his body in a closet. Speak to Mr. Fernsby to begin the investigation. Hell lead you to the victims room.

Examine Zacharys Bedroom

There are a total of six clues in Zacharys room: his dead body; the whiskey near his bed (use your camera to scan it); his supposed suicide note on the table near the fireplace; his laptop; the secret room (use Instinct Vision to find the rooms switch on the bookshelf); and the floor plans to the mansion inside the secret room.

Take a look around and notice Zacharys love of plants — thatll become important later. Agent 47 concludes that Zachary actually died of poisoning and that someone used the secret passage to sneak into his room. Talk to Mr. Fernsby again, and hell ask you to gather evidence and interrogate the entire family.

Since he openly admits to not having an alibi for the previous night, hell remain on your suspect list as well.

Question The Family

You can do this in any order, but I found it easier to start from the front of the manor and make my way toward the back (follow along with the map above). First up is Alexas grandson, Patrick, who mostly hangs out in the Library. Patrick claims that he was out frolicking with a maid named Rosie last night.

To confirm his alibi, head to the Staff Room and youll see Rosie talking to another maid about her wonderful time with Patrick. Interestingly, she also says that they saw Emma near the Greenhouse last night, tipping you off to another place you should visit. For now, we know Patrick isnt the killer.

Run to the Trophy Room to find Alexas youngest child, Rebecca. She says she was in a conference call when Zachary died. If you have a lockpick or crowbar, you can confirm her story by heading one floor up and breaking into her room (go south of Zacharys bedroom). Inside, youll find a laptop that verifies her meeting, as well as a notebook about the familys finances.

Go back downstairs and visit the Sitting Room. Here youll see Madam Carlisles eldest son, Gregory, and his wife Emma — you have to question them separately. Gregory reveals that he wasnt in the manor for most of the night because he and his younger brother Edward were out drinking. Emma claims she went to bed early due to a headache.

Lastly, walk to the Dining Room, where Edward will either be playing the piano or practicing the fake eulogy for his mother. Hell confirm that he was with Gregory the night before, so you can rule out both of them from your list of suspects.

Collect Additional Evidence

Its good to visit Emma and Gregorys room on the second floor (northwest corner) before you go any further. The most important clue here is a letter from Emmas mother that has some juicy family gossip (its on the nightstand). Youll also find a bulldog cane, the keychain to the Greenhouse key, and a muddy pair of shoes.

Eventually, Alexa will descend from her third-floor office and call a brief family meeting in the Sitting Room. Participating in this scene isnt necessary to the investigation, but its amusing to watch the Carlisle family snip at each other. Either way, its best to follow up on Rosies information and head to Zacharys Greenhouse behind the manor. 

The Greenhouse is locked, but if you havent found a crowbar yet, theres one sitting on a stack of boxes nearby. Watch your surroundings, though: Emma might show up here as part of her walking routine. If she gets there before you do, you can follow her in without breaking into one of the doors.

Observe her from afar by crouching and hiding behind the plants. Shell express frustration at something being broken. You can force her to leave by talking to her, and shell make up a flimsy excuse before bolting out. Very suspicious!

When shes gone, go up to the broken lab equipment on the table. Someone was obviously using this to make some poison. Use your camera to scan the open book on the other table to collect the last Greenhouse clue.

Dont Make This Dumb Mistake

If you have a wrench, you can repair the lab kit and make your own poison using the plants in the Greenhouse. But I cant stress this enough: DO NOT fix it. Save that for a different run-through. Fixing it will lead to Emma creating more poison, and shell pour the deadly concoction into Alexas drink back in the Sitting Room.

Madam Carlisle will die within seconds of consuming it. While that still counts as a successful assassination for Agent 47 (and reveals how power-hungry Emma is), you will no longer be able to complete this Mission Story. You have to tell Alexa about the outcome of the investigation before you or anyone else kills her.

I made this mistake myself, but luckily I was able to undo it by going back to a previous save file.

You should have enough evidence to convict one of your suspects. Its clearly Emma, but because Mr. Fernbsy doesnt have an alibi, hes also a viable candidate. If you want to blame him, you can break into his office on the ground floor to collect some circumstantial evidence (the door is in the same hallway where you clobbered the detective).

Present Your Findings

Talk to Mr. Fernsby and tell him youre ready to present your conclusions. Once youre in Madam Carlisles office, you can decide to blame Emma or the butler; nothing changes except for the conversation you have with her. Either way, you can easily complete one of your main level objectives by asking for the Arthur Edwards case file as a reward.

Congratulations, detective! You solved the murder mystery. Now youre free to kill Madam Carlisle however you like.