Hitman 2 heads to South America in new Colombia gameplay

Hitman 2 isn’t taking any chances.

IO Interactive’s newest iteration of its long running assassin’s saga stays very true to what worked in 2016’s pseudo-reboot, and changes little other than the episodic structure of the previous release. You’ll still explore beautifully rendered and detailed environments, don often times hilarious costumes, and construct elaborate machinations to topple your targets.

Or, you can walk up in broad daylight and simply snap their neck, as you can see in the footage above.

Though I can’t imagine this strategy is encouraged, and probably won’t work on tougher difficulty settings, the flexibility in how you dispose of your targets is what Hitman is all about. Looks like that’s still true in Hitman 2.

In this newest level reveal, Agent 47 gets tropical in the verdant jungles of Colombia, where he’s tasked with eliminating a drug kingpin and much of his staff. If you’ve played a Hitman game you’ll know what you’re getting here, including a puzzle-like structure, a healthy dose of absurdity, and some truly entertaining moments.

Hitman 2 will be released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 13.