Hitman 2 explores multiplayer with Ghost Mode

In case you thought the Hitman experience was too solitary, IO Interactive has implemented a creative multiplayer mode for Hitman 2.

The style of Hitman 2’s gameplay doesn’t really lend itself to traditional deathmatch, despite the copious improvised weaponry. The style of gameplay is too thoughtful and slow paced for a frenetic traditional multiplayer experience.

So, IO Interactive had to get creative.

Getting Ghosted

What they ended up with was less deathmatch, more competitive assassination. Both players are on the same map, and have the same targets. The person who eliminates the most targets without being seen is the winner of the match, but, as you’d imagine, there are quite a few twists in the formula.

The first is where the mode gets its name. You can see the “ghost” of the other player, as though they’re an apparition from another dimension. You can see if they are approaching the target before you, you’ll be notified whenever they make progress, or loot a weapons cache.

There are also some interesting twists that I never had the chance to experience, like being able to impact the other player’s strategy. For example: tossing an inter-dimensional coin to alert a nearby guard to your opponent’s presence.

Ghost Mode is essentially a race to get to the target before your opponent, and to cleanly and efficiently dispose of your target. An undetected assassination will get you a point, mess it up, and you get nothing. Start killing civilians, or screwing up in other ways that would make Agent 47 blush, and you start losing points.

As you’ll see in the gameplay footage above, we weren’t very good, but as players become more and more familiar with the maps, I’d imagine games getting quite tense.

It’s an interesting solution to implementing multiplayer in a very much single player title, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it when the game is done.

Hitman 2 will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 13, 2018. At launch, Ghost Mode will only be available on the Miami map, but there will be more maps added postlaunch.