Hellboy comes to Injustice 2 on November 14

NetherRealm has announced that the iconic monster hunter Hellboy, the final DLC fighter that’s included in Injustice 2’s second Fighter Pack, will officially enter the fray on November 14.

As you can see in the below announcement trailer, Injustice 2’s version of Hellboy comes equipped with his signature revolver and Right Hand of Doom, along with a few other tricks and gadgets. Judging from the footage shown in the trailer, it looks like Hellboy will be especially good at closing the gap with his opponents and keeping the pressure up with both close-range combos and a few long-range moves as well. Mixing it up with Hellboy in close range looks like it will be especially dangerous since several of his special moves grant him hyper armor.

Hellboy will be available on November 14 to those who own Injustice 2’s Fighter Pack #2 DLC, Ultimate Edition, or Digital Deluxe Edition. Those who want to purchase him standalone will have to wait until November 21.