Hearthstone’s Doom in the Tomb is the most important event yet

Blizzard has just announced this year’s Halloween Hearthstone event, as the tavern’s heroes once again take on the headless horsemen at Hallow’s End. Called Doom in the Tomb, this event is gearing up to be one of the most significant in Hearthstone’s history. Not only are they bringing back some of the most loved limited time events form Hearthstone’s past, but they are also trying out brand new mechanics including one that players have been asking for quite some time.

Tavern Brawls

Blizzard sure does love their dungeon runs, and Hallow’s End is going to have its own spin on this single-player content. In the first week of Hallow’s End, players will take control of the bosses from the League of E.V.I.L. and attempt to complete a temple run in under 40 minutes. Completing in under an hour gets you a Rastakhan’s Rumble pack, but succeeding in undercutting the 40-minute time limit gets you a golden Ancient Mysteries.

In week 2, you’ll open up access to the League of Explorers to fight alongside the League of E.V.I.L. against a new temple run, once again with a 40 minute goal. Completing under an hour gets you a golden Temple Berserker and completing in under 40 minutes will get you a golden Generous Mummy.

Week 3 will bring back the familiar carousel Tavern Brawl, which has your minions constantly switching sides. You’ll also constantly summon Dreadsteeds to help you out in battle. If you manage to summon 100, you’ll earn yourself a Rise of Shadows card pack.


Dual class arenas (complete with heroes in their Halloween costumes) will be coming back. You’ll choose a hero and a hero power from another class and your deck will be made up of cards from both classes. You will get free Arena tickets in the first and second week to try it out free of charge.

Free rewards

Blizzard is giving out free packs to anyone who plays Hearthstone during the event. Players will get five backs, two from Saviors of Uldum, two from Rise of Shadows, and one from Rastakhan’s Rumble. In addition, players will receive new legendary quests during the event which will reward them with more packs and gold.

Unsealing the vault

Now this, this is why this is the most important event in Hearthstone history. Blizzard is unsealing 23 cards from Wild and the Hall of Fame. They will be giving out copies of all the cards for the event so that no one is left out. Players have been asking for yearly “All-Star” sets for some time, similar to Magic: The Gatherings yearly editions. We can only hope that this is a test run for something much bigger.

Here are the cards that will be brought back into standard rotation for a limited time.


  • Astral Communion
  • Kun the Forgotten King


  • Babbling Book
  • Flamewaker


  • Mysterious Challenger
  • Avenge


  • Lock and Load
  • Call of the Wild


  • Evolve
  • Thing from Below


  • Shaku, the Collector
  • Swashburglar


  • Lightbomb
  • Vol’jin


  • Imp Gang Boss
  • Renounce Darkness


  • Varian Wrynn
  • Bloodhoof Brave


  • N’Zoth, the Corruptor
  • Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
  • The Curator
  • Emperor Thaurissan

There are so many interesting decks that can be made with these cards. Thaurissan will bring back many combo decks. N’Zoth will become an amazing late game finisher. Ragnaros and Sylvanas are just good bombs all around. We may even see the return of Evolve Shaman or Secret Paladin. These are going to be an incredible three weeks.


Of course it wouldn’t be a Hearthstone event without a sale! For $20 you can get either the Hex bundle or the Flex bundle, each of which gives you twenty packs from Rise of Shadows or Saviors of Uldum, and a random legendary from the same expansion.

Hearthstone’s Doom in the Tomb event will start on October 8 and last through the whole month. Be sure to log-in to get your rewards, and to have a spooooky time with all these unsealed cards and new deck archetypes.