Has more proof emerged for a new Battletoads game?

We've been hearing whispers about the return of Rare's Battletoads series for some time, between Microsoft refreshing the rights to the franchise and the publisher working on old-school projects for revival on the Xbox One. But, today, it appears that Phil Spencer may have just hinted that we'll see Rash, Zitz and Pimple sooner rather than later.

During Microsoft's event in San Francisco to discuss Windows 10 yesterday, Spencer came out wearing a shirt that featured a Battletoads logo on it. Of course, this isn't confirmation by any means, and there was no mention of the franchise during the event whatsoever, but the fact that Spencer hinted at the game could very well lead to an official announcement – possibly by E3.


On top of that, Spencer recently took to Twitter to discuss a recent title he played over at Rare, indicating that he liked what he saw. Again, not a confirmation, but considering the company is getting back to old-school roots, it's very likely that Battletoads may be on the menu.

Be sure to check back for any news as it happens. In the meantime, might we suggest playing the original NES game? It's still a hoot.