Harmonix announces online multiplayer for Rock Band 4

During the Rock Band 4: Past, Present, and Future panel at PAX East 2016, Harmonix team members Josh Harrison (Social & Community Lead), Criss Burki (Associate Community Manager), Cara Kelly (Development Lead), Matt Derby (Design Lead), Matthew Nordhaus (Design Lead), and Daniel Chace (Designer) shared their experiences on working on past Rock Band games as well as Rock Band 4. They also told memorable stories from behind the scenes and the challenges they faced when developing the games.

But what people really wanted from the panel was the latest news in updates for the game. Harmonix has already said that Rock Band 4 will be the only Rock Band game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but they will continue to support it with DLC, additional features, and even an expansion pack this fall. They also finally confirmed that there will be an adapter by PDP released this fall for the Xbox 360 Ion instruments.

The biggest news, however, came in the form of confirmation for online multiplayer for Rock Band 4. The announcement came in a video featuring Helen McWilliams, creative lead at Harmonix, who said the addition to the game will arrive in holiday 2016. Check it out: