Hands-on with Nintendo's entire Fall 2019 lineup

Games, games, and more games. That's what Nintendo has in store for fall 2019, and the gaming giant invited us to an office in Los Angeles this week to try them all out. Since Animal Crossing doesn't come out until spring 2020, we weren't able to test it out, but don't worry, Nintendo's apology for not breaking the rules and bringing it anyway should be in the mail. Any day now.

Either way, the games they did show were fantastic. The list of games coming over the next couple of months can be broken up into two categories—third party developers and Nintendo. 

Here are all eight games coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Third party devs

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Nov. 5

SEGA's Olympic Games series has been a hit since it arrived on the Nintendo Wii so many years ago. The latest installment takes you to Tokyo, adds some new games, and builds on former ideas and events from past entries. In this one, you can switch between regular events and retro 2D events complete with the old sprites for each character in their past games, which is probably the biggest change we noticed when testing it out. It's a fun game, though, with the same old family-and-friends vibe the older titles offered.

Just Dance 2020 - Nov. 5

Just Dance is one of the most recognizable rhythm game titles of all time, and this one carries on the same old songs and, well, dances. There's hit music from the past, but there's also several new songs, including "Old Town Road," some K-Pop songs, and even "Baby Shark." This installment features fitness goals and tracking, too, so if you want to dance your calories away, it's a little bit easier.

New Super Lucky's Tale - Nov. 8

This title is perhaps one of the most unique ones we got our hands on. Without diving into any sort of review, we'll just say that it seemed like a really solid 3D platform-adventure game, reminiscent of Crash Bandicoot, Banjo Kazooie, or Super Mario Sunshine. With much brighter colors, and puzzles that tend to lean on the easier side, Lucky's Tale seems like it'll be great for kids. The bits we saw, though, were fun, and Lucky the fox is one adorable little protagonist. Also, expect animal puns. Lots of animal puns.

NBA 2K20 - Already out

NBA 2K20 has been out for about a month already, and as far as sports games go, it continues to set precedents for quality. It has new game modes, stellar graphics, and even a unique type of open world and story mode. If you're into competitive sports games, this one's up your alley.

Overwatch - Oct. 15

Overwatch has been one of the most popular competitive titles on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation for a couple of years, and as of Oct. 15, it will have made its way to the last major console on its bucket list. It comes with all 31 heroes that are in the game now, and it features all of the same cool bonus content that the regular game has, including the Arcade and Workshop. It runs very well on Switch, and the only thing we're wondering now is why it wasn't available on day one, but better late than never.

Nintendo franchises

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Nov. 15

Like any new generation in the Pokemon universe, this entry adds new Pokemon, a new region, new gyms, and new looks. As this is the first new generation to arrive on the Switch, though, you probably guessed that Nintendo would try some other fresh things out, and you'd be right with that assumption. We won't spoil everything, but our favorite new feature lies within the game's gyms. For my entire childhood spent watching the original TV show, I always wondered why battles against gym leaders didn't feel as cool as they looked on TV. Well now, with roaring crowds, giant colosseums, and Kaiju-itized Pokemon, they certainly feel every bit as exciting. Maybe even more.

Ring Fit Adventure - Oct. 18

This is, by far, the most innovative game in Nintendo's 2019 fall arsenal. It turns standard and recognizable exercises (presses, lunges, planks, etc) into an RPG adventure game, and it's actually a ton of fun. As stupid as I'm sure I looked squeezing my Ring-Con at rapid speeds, pressing it in, and at times pretending it was a bow and arrow at the preview event, I had more fun exercising with this game than I've had exercizing in years. And as a bit of a gym rat, that's saying something. Expect a full review from us later down the road.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Oct. 31

This nostalgia on this one was immense. As a big fan of the Luigi's Mansion franchise, this game's new "Goo-igi" and its coinciding mechanics looked incredibly weird in the best possible way. Well, we can promise that they definitely are that weird and wonderful, and if you've been waiting for a new puzzle-adventure with just the right amount of combat, you should be excited, too, because the demo was very fun.