Hands-On: Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack

The thing about most laptop bags and laptop backpacks, they focus on the business person who carries minimal items – a small laptop, maybe a phone charger, a tablet, and a folder with important papers. Those bags don’t have the space for a gamer’s 17-inch or more gaming laptop, the different mice we need, a keyboard, a headset, chargers, battery packs, you know, the stuff gamers carry around.

Well, the folks at Mobile Edge are trying to solve this issue with its CORE Gaming Backpack. We were able to get our hands on the backpack and stuff it with all types of gamer goodies to test out its durability and usefulness.

Design and comfort

The CORE Gaming Backpack stands about 20 inches tall and 16 inches wide and its thickness can stretch to up to 9 1/2 inches. The outside of the backpack has four different pockets, big enough to fit a mouse, a phone, or laptop power adapter. On the inside, the backpack has three different sections, large enough to carry a 17-inch laptop, a tablet, a keyboard or other accessories.

In the front section of the backpack there are designated pockets and slots for USB flash drives, memory cards, pens, business cards, ID, and even a power bank. The backpack comes equipped with a USB cable that can plug into a power bank and leads to a USB port on the side of the backpack where you can charge up a phone, tablet, or some other mobile device.

The middle section is designed to hold miscellaneous items, like files or random objects maybe like a gaming headset or controller. There is a padded pocket for tablets or small Chromebook or Surface-types of laptop. In the third section of the backpack is where larger laptops are meant to be, and unzips to its full length to make traveling through TSA checkpoints at airports a bit easier and quicker to get through.

Even when the backpack is empty, it carriers a bit of weight. However, the padded mesh shoulder straps and cushioned back makes it pretty comfortable to wear. They’re easily adjustable and have a “shock absorbing” feature that we "think" help in some way, but we're not sure.

Performance and features

We tried to fill every section of the backpack, and you sure can fit in quite a bit of stuff, and not have the backpack look like a suitcase on your back. We were even able to fit in an Xbox One X with two controllers, a 15-inch laptop, a headset, tablet, phone, mice, keyboard, and powerbank with plenty of room to spare. It’s very impressive!

Every pocket on the inside and outside of the backpack is of good use and I didn’t feel like there was a wasted idea. I could use every feature, even the memory card slots if I was traveling with a camera. The handle at the top of the backpack is incredibly sturdy and supported by a braided wire. The backpack is made of durable ballistic nylon with tailored contrast stitching, and I never felt that this thing would ever tear or rip.

With all those items though, it’s a bit tough to fit under a seat on a plane so you might have to store it in overhead bins. You’re still within your two carry-on items (one personal, one carry-on luggage) that most airlines allow its passengers, however, if a flight attendant sees it poking out from under a seat, depending on the airline, you might have to check it if there isn’t any room in the overhead bins.

Overall, the Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack is worth the $100 or so investment as it not only carries every gamer essential, but will last a long while too.