Hands-On: Kill Zombies, Take Selfies In Dead Rising 4

Hands-On: Kill Zombies, Take Selfies In Dead Rising 4

Frank West, zombies, and Christmas are great on their own, but they’re so much better together. And together they will be in Capcom Vancouver’s open-world beat ‘em up-adventure Dead Rising 4, which combines gameplay and features from the original Dead Rising with gameplay and features from the sequels to create a unique Dead Rising experience.

The Journalist, Photography Return, Co-Op Departs

Frank West and photography return to the single-player only campaign – co-op is gone. Photography exists as a way to level up, a way to have fun, and a way for West to expose the horrors of Willamette. Co-op won’t be in the game because it wouldn’t mesh with the photography mechanic in the context of the mystery-based story, according to Capcom.

However, there will be multi-player modes for up to four players, which will be objective-based and similar to the arcade-style Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha Prime DLC from Dead Rising 3.

Parking Meters Make Great Weapons

The eight-minute demo I played put me in the middle of a street in Willamette, which looked like any of the streets in the previous game. The sun had set, and the hordes of zombies were aggressive, which was typical of the series.

However, the wearable EXO suits littered around town with which West can change abilities were new. The EXO suit in the demo increased strength, which let me punch cars through the zombie hordes. Parking meters also made for cool weapons; I ripped them from the ground and used the meters as a handle from which I swung the hunks of concrete that were still attached to its base.

Photograph the Undead

Photography couldn’t have returned to the Dead Rising series at a better time, because the Xbox One can share gameplay screen-caps and videos. In the game, West has become a seasoned journalist and returns to the town where everything in the series started. The photography objective in the demo was a little morbid for the typically light-hearted series, but the selfie option lightens even the darkest situation.

Towards the end of my playtime, I killed a boss with a gun loaded with fireworks and took a selfie as the otherwise beautiful light show killed him. And with the Xbox One’s DVR, you can capture moments such as this and share them with your friends. I tried this with my cell phone’s camera, but the game’s time-limit expired. That photo-op will have to wait until the Dead Rising 4’s release later this year.

EXO Suits Are Fun, But Is There a Helicopter?

From my brief demo, the gameplay felt solid. But I'm ready to see what else the game offers. Sure, the EXO suit was interesting, but I want to see if there will be different types of EXO suits and what the next unique gameplay hook will be. Additionally, the game will release later this year, which is of course an election year. I want to see what light political commentary the story could have based on this election season being so strange. 

The multi-player modes are also a huge wild card with their complete separation from the main game. Will they be littered with Capcom cameos such as in Dead Rising 3’s multiplayer DLC? Will experience carry over? Will the characters in these modes be throwaways like the previous game’s season pass? Pulling the co-op mode from, the main game after building on it in the campaign for so long could be a risky move.

However, I am excited to see Dead Rising 4’s return to the mall from the original Dead Rising; It should be far easier to kill the 50,000 zombies needed to obtain Mega Man's Photon Blaster this time around.

Dead Rising 4 will release later this year – sometime around the holiday season, according to Capcom – for Xbox One and Windows 10.