GTA Online Gunrunning update arrives in June

Rockstar has announced the next major update for GTA Online, an update which will allow players to fulfill their fantasies of becoming an arms dealer.

The aptly titled Gunrunning update will allow players to purchase a new property type: underground bunkers. Once a player has become the proud owner of their own bunker, they can use it to manufacture different weapon types, build and drive new types of military vehicles (such as trucks with machine gun turrets mounted on their roofs or an amphibious APC), and even test out their favorite weapons in their own personal firing range. The update will also include a new Mobile Operations Center which will allow for vehicle customization on the fly. Players will also naturally be able to sell the weapons and vehicles they develop, adding yet another business arm to GTA Online’s economy that joins the biker and CEO-based businesses that are already in the game.

A release date for the Gunrunner update hasn’t yet been confirmed, but Rockstar promises the update will go live sometime in June.