Granblue Fantasy Versus: How to unlock everything

Granblue Fantasy Versus has a lot of similarities with classic fighting games, not the least of which being a variety of unlockables. While the majority of extra content will unfortunately have to be purchased as DLC, there is a decent amount of stuff that you can unlock simply by playing the game. Here’s how to get all of it. Spoiler, you are going to have to play a lot of RPG mode.


The final boss of Granblue Fantasy Versus is actually playable. You can unlock him by spending a couple bucks on the PlayStation store, but why bother. Simply complete RPG mode and he will become available for play. It’s also worth noting that you unlock him for free if you purchased the Granblue Fantasy Versus season one character pass.

Color 5

Each character starts the game with four colors unlocked. By completing arcade mode with each character, you can unlock a fifth color. However, there is another way to get even more colors.

Colors 5-8

After completing RPG mode, colors 5-8 for each character will show up in Seiro’s Shop. Purchasing them here will make them available in all other modes in the game. Each color costs 1,200 Rupies, meaning you’ll need 52,800 Rupies all together to unlock every color for every character in the game. Unfortunately, each character has eight more colors beyond this, but they have to be purchased via DLC. However, it is worth noting that each DLC character comes with a new chapter of RPG mode, and their first four colors can be obtained with in-game cash as well.

“Classic” Character Designs

Zeta, Metera, and very possibly other female characters have two designs in Granblue Fantasy Versus. One is a design specifically made for this game, while the other is a “Classic” design based on the original Granblue Fantasy…

OK, look, I’m not going to mince words here. The “Classic” designs are just the same characters in slightly more skimpy outfits. But if you are really having a fit about Zeta’s bikini bottom turning into a pair of ludicrously short shorts, you can change that.

First you have to complete RPG mode. Second, you have to go into the System Settings menu and find the “character design” option. There you can switch the designs from the Versus setting to the original setting and, yeah, Zeta is wearing a bikini bottom and Metera is wearing a thong.

Are you happy?

Vyrn Weapon Skins

Each has a “Vyrn” weapon skin that they achieve by doing a hidden bonus mission in RPG mode. They can be unlocked as follows.

  • Gran – Achieve 100% damage cut 3 times. This requires both characters to use a Phalanx support skill.
  • Katalina – Equip any other Vyrn weapon in your grid and then beat any Katalina battle.
  • Lancelot – Currently unknown but seems to have something to do with facing Katalina with Lancelot on hard mode a certain number of times.
  • Charlotta – Listen to the full dialogue while entering the shop menu ten times.
  • Percival – Sell any 4 SSR rank weapons.
  • Ferry – Get a game over 5 times in RPG mode.
  • Ladiva – Taunt 3 times as Ladiva.
  • Metera – Skip 20 cutscenes manually.
  • Lowain – Beat Yggdrasil boss solo as Lowain.
  • Zeta – Beat Proto Bahamut 3 times as Zeta.
  • Vaseraga – Clear 5 non-tutorial missions with no partner or support skills.
  • Beelzebub – Fight the final boss with Beelzebub on your team.
  • Narmaya – Pause the game for 60 seconds straight during RPG mode.

Weapon Skins 3-7

Each character has five weapon skins that can also be unlocked in RPG Mode. They are, in fact, all the weapons craftable in Seiro’s shop. However, you can also obtain these weapons through random weapon draws and through alternative means as well.

  • Weapon 3 – Random drop from a character’s Hard mode raid.
  • Weapon 4 – Given as an A rank reward in a character’s Normal mode raid.
  • Weapon 5 – Given as a reward for beating a character’s Hard mode raid without using support skills.
  • Weapon 6 – Rewarded for completing specific story battles.
  • Weapon 7 – Can only be crafted. Crafting materials include a character medal which drops in a character’s Hard mode raid. Clearing the raid in 60 seconds will provide all the crafting materials needed for the skin, only once. You can also obtain character medals in the last 20 floors of Babyl.

If you are looking for Champion Merit/Paper or Omega Fragment/Crystal you can find them as drops from character battle sand primal battles respectively. They are more common in hard mode.

Big thanks to Xerte on Reddit for uncovering and cataloguing much of this info.

Beelzebub’s Weapon Skins

Four of Beelzebub’s weapon skins require different materials than any other characters. Here’s where to find them.

Beelzebub Character Medals – You can obtain ten of them as a one-time clear reward for completing Beelzebub’s free quest in Hard Mode in under 60 seconds. Otherwise they drop randomly from the final boss of RPG mode on hard.

  • True Fire Anima – Drop from the Colossus Raid and from Colossus fights in Babyl.
  • True Water Anima – Drop from the Ares raid and from Ares fights in Babyl.
  • Primeval Horns – Drop from any hard mode Bahamut fight or by fighting Bahamut on floors 75/99 in Babyl.

That’s all the info we have for you right now. Of course, more unlocks will become available as more characters release as DLC, so come back for more info as it becomes available.