Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation 2 DLC arrives on July 24

Ubisoft has announced a July 24 launch date for Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Special Operation 2 DLC expansion, an expansion that will include a brand new permadeath PvE experience and a bunch of new features for the game’s Ghost War PvP component.

The Special Operation 2 DLC is the second of four expansions that Ubisoft plans to release during Wildlands’ second year of operation, and it looks to be a big one. While previous Wildlands expansions tended to have an overt slant towards new PvP content, the main highlight of Special Operation 2 will actually be a new PvE experience called Ghost Mode. In Ghost Mode, players can replay the Wildlands story campaign under a series of brutal new conditions, unlocking special rewards if they manage to reach certain milestones. The conditions in question are as follows:

  • Permadeath – If the player is downed and not revived in time, all of their campaign progress is reset back to zero.
  • Realistic weapon handling – The player can only carry one primary weapon and a sidearm, they can only switch weapons by visiting an ammo box (or looting them off of dead enemies), and if they reload with a partially full clip, the remaining bullets will be lost.
  • Friendly fire – Bullet damage and explosions caused by the player can damage their teammates.
  • Teammate removal – Players who want to really challenge themselves can opt to play the game alone with no AI teammates (this option will also be available in the standard Wildlands campaign).

Over on the Ghost War side of the fence, Special Operation 2 will include two brand new maps, two new playable character classes (to be revealed at a later date), a new Observer Mode that will allow users to spectate custom Ghost War matches, a progression bar for tracking Ranked play progress, and a new post-match celebration screen for the winning team.

Tying into the celebration screen feature is a series of new cosmetic item types including emotes, voice lines, and end-of-match victory poses (the new emotes and voice lines can also be used in the main campaign).

When Special Operation 2 launches on July 24, the Ghost Mode PvE experience and new Ghost War character classes will only be available to those who own the $29.99 Ghost Recon Wildlands Year Two Pass. Starting on July 31, Ghost Mode and the new Ghost War classes will become available to all players free of charge.