Ghost Recon Wildlands gets Rainbow Six Siege crossover event, Operation Archangel

A few days ago, Ubisoft teased the upcoming reveal of a Rainbow Six Siege-themed crossover event for Ghost Recon Wildlands, promising that more information would arrive on July 23. True to its word, Ubisoft has now fully unveiled Operation Archangel, a special limited-time event that sees several operators from Siege teaming up with Wildlands’ Ghosts for a harrowing new mission.

Similar to the Splinter Cell-themed mission that Ubisoft hosted earlier this year, Operation Archangel introduces a new series of permanent and limited-time features to Ghost Recon Wildlands. The most notable part of the event is a new story mission in which Rainbow Six Siege operators Valkyrie and Twitch recruit players to help them track down their missing friend, fellow operator Caveira.

Operation Archangel will be a permanent new mission, but if a player finishes the mission before August 14, they’ll unlock Caveira’s gloves which, when equipped, allow them to perform her signature CQC takedown. Nearby enemy positions will also be revealed when a player performs the takedown, much like how Caveira’s unique ability functions in Rainbow Six Siege. Players will also be able to purchase a Rainbow Six Siege Gear Pack that includes Caveira’s Luison handgun, a fully customizable HK 416 assault rifle, Valkyrie’s head-wrapped shemagh, and Twitch’s skull balaclava.

The Rainbow Six Siege crossover doesn’t stop there though. Since Operation Archangel is deploying on the same day as Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Special Operation 2 expansion, it’s only appropriate that the expansion’s two new Ghost War classes are also Siege-themed. Borrowing from the Siege operators Doc and Smoke, the two new classes are the Surgeon (who can revive allies from a distance) and Toxic (who can deploy damaging smoke clouds via drone).

Thanks to the new ‘Icon’ cosmetic sets being added to Wildlands’ battle crates, players will also be able to dress their custom characters up as other Siege operators including Blackbeard, Zofia, Jackal, Capitao Jager, Blitz, and Vigil. Battle crates will also contain other Siege-themed items such as new weapons and weapon skins.

All of the new Special Operation 2 and Operation Archangel content will go live July 24.