Genji gets his own Heroes of the Storm character strategy video

Today, the massive 2.0 revamp of Heroes of the Storm is going live, and among the revamps new additions are a new map based off of Overwatch’s Hanamura locale and the game’s newest playable champion: Overwatch’s cybernetic ninja Genji. While you wait for the 2.0 update to go live, Blizzard has released a new overview video for Genji which shows how best to play (and defend against) him.

As you might imagine, successfully using Genji requires taking full advantage of his speed and mobility. His unique Cyber Agility trait allows him to quickly escape dangerous situations or surprise unsuspecting enemies from a unique angle, and his active Shuriken, Swift Strike, and Deflection abilities make him ideal for bursting down more squishy enemy heroes. His two different ultimate abilities, Dragon Blade and X-Strike, both involve him putting out a massive spike of damage, though the unique ways in which they each function mean that players will have to consider which one they pick carefully.

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