Gears of War 4’s newly revamped Horde Mode gets its own trailer

With about a month left to go until the release of Gears of War 4, developer The Coalition has finally revealed how exactly the upcoming game will be approaching the series’ iconic co-op Horde mode.

In a new 2-minute trailer, what The Coalition is calling “Horde 3.0” is explored in intricate detail, showing that Gears of War 4’s take on the mode will use the same class-based character system as Gears of War Judgment’s Overrun and Survival modes. In Gears 4’s Horde mode, up to five players will team up to battle 50 waves of AI enemies, picking from five different classes (Scout, Soldier, Sniper, Engineer, and Heavy) and utilizing equipment-boosting Gear Cards to hold out for as long as they can. As with past iterations of Horde mode, every tenth wave will be a “boss wave,” forcing the players to content with an extra-powerful boss opponent in addition to the standard opposition.

Players will be able to sample Horde 3.0 for themselves when Gears of War 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows PC on October 11.