Gearbox Publishing announces upcoming Penn & Teller VR game

Although we didn’t get much Borderlands 3 news at the Inside Gearbox Panel during PAX East except the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo they showed at GDC and a quick “of course we’re working on new Borderlands content but we have nothing to announce,” the folks at Gearbox Publishing had a bit of news.

Gearbox Software founder Randy Pitchford announced during the panel a partnership with magic duo, Penn & Teller for a VR game.

“Tentatively it’s called Penn & Teller’s Cruel Virtual Tricks for Real Friends and the premise is, when you experience VR for the first time, usually someone is showing it to you,” Pitchford said. “And they put the on your head and when that happens and it’s being demonstrated for the first time you trust the person showing you, 100 percent – and that trust can be exploited.

“It’s so great to mess with people when they’re doing VR,” Pitchford continued. “Because, A. they’re blind, and B. they can only see what we show them in the software. Never before has the software been in cahoots with the operator to really screw with someone and that’s what Cruel Virtual Tricks for Real Life Friends is all about.”

Pitchford shared some behind the scene photos and images of the motion capture sessions that featured Penn & Teller and made it clear that it’s very early in the development process and it’ll be officially announced at a later date. Check out the images below: