Garrosh Hellscream gets his own Heroes of the Storm spotlight video

Blizzard recently announced that Heroes of the Storm’s next playable hero will be World of Warcraft’s infamous Orc warrior Garrosh Hellscream, and now the studio has released a spotlight video showing how Garrosh’s HoTS incarnation will function.

According to the video (which you can watch above), Garrosh will function as a strong single-target-focused warrior whose unique Armor Up trait will cause him to passively build up armor as he takes damage, reducing the amount of damage he takes as his health falls lower and lower. As for Garrosh’s active abilities, they are as follows:

  • Groundbreaker: Garrosh slams the ground with his axe, dealing damage in a frontal cone and flinging enemy heroes who are at the edge of the damage field into melee range.
  • Bloodthirst: A quick axe swing that deals damage and heals Garrosh for a portion of the damage dealt. The healing is doubled if Bloodthirst is used against an enemy hero.
  • Wrecking Ball: Garrosh picks up and flings the nearest enemy hero to a targeted location, damaging them in the process.

Like most other heroes, Garrosh also has two different Heroic abilities:

  • Warlord’s Challenge: Garrosh lets out a roar, forcing all nearby enemy heroes to attack him for a short time.
  • Decimate: Garrosh executes a quick spin attack that can be used up to three times in rapid succession, dealing double damage to enemy heroes and having its cooldown reduced for each enemy hero he kills with it.

A release date for Garrosh hasn’t yet been announced, but he will be coming to the Heroes of the Storm public test server towards the end of July.