GameCrate Plays - Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

We blast our way through the four stages of the "Earth" world in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope for the HTC Vive, currently on Steam in Early Access.

Some quick impressions of the title as it stands now: it's a blast to play, though light on content for the price ($39.99). That price will get you all the forthcoming updates to the game though, which the developers make sound pretty ambitious on the game's Steam page

Unlike other popular VR shooting games like Raw Data, there's no teleportation or movement in virtual space beyond dodging and weaving around your set VR play area. Enemies also only come at you from the 180 degrees in front of you, so you don't need to watch your back. That doesn't mean the game is easy, though. The massive amounts of enemies and limited ammunition and health make the levels a real challenge on any difficulty setting higher than Easy. 

It's nice to see some classic Serious Sam enemies return after so many years, and Serious Sam VR works well as a frantic VR shooting gallery. It'll be a much better game once more content is added, though, which the developers at Croteam say is currently planned to take place over the "next six months," depending on player feedback.