Five tips for improving your Injustice 2 skills

Injustice 2 has officially launched for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, and as you can tell by our GameCrate review, NetherRealm has once again knocked it out of the park. Even if you’re not a dedicated fighting game connoisseur, there’s a lot about Injustice 2 that makes it worth playing, and if you need some tips for improving your game early on, we’ve got you covered. Below are five handy lessons that you would do well to start heeding as soon as possible.

Sometimes it’s better to lose clashes

This is a bit of an obvious tip if you’re already an experienced player, but it bears repeating for those who may not be immidiatly in the know. While it feels great and looks cool to win a clash, sometimes it’s actually more practical to let your opponent win. For example, if both you and your opponent have a full super meter and your opponent triggers a clash when most of their second life bar is still full, it’s definitely better to let them win because they’ll only gain back a marginal amount of health and you’ll still have your full super meter ready to go. It can sometimes be tough in the middle of an intense match, but thinking ahead about whether it’s most advantageous to win or lose a clash can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Try to stick with one character at the beginning

It takes a fair bit of time to level a character up to the max level of 20, which is why you should pick a single character at the outset and try to focus on leveling them up as much as you can. Not only will you become intimately familiar with that character’s moveset and fighting style, you’ll also have a powerful contender to take into Multiverse scenarios and AI Battle Simulator matches. Plus, once you get one character to 20, you can spend Source Crystals to instantly level other characters up to 20 and skip out on some of the leveling grind. 

Don’t bother regenerating gear until you reach level 20

Regenerating gear, i.e. re-rolling its stats and bringing its level up to match its associated character’s, is a great way to boost the combat prowess of your favorite fighters, but you don’t really get the maximum benefit from doing so until the associated character is level 20. Regen Tokens are already a little hard to come by, so don’t waste them by regenerating gear to a sub-20 level (you’ll likely want to regenerate again anyways once the character reaches level 20).

Waiting to open mother boxes is pointless

Here’s another tip that Injustice 2 newbies might not already know. When you earn a Mother Box, the level of the gear contained in the box is fixed and doesn’t go up even if you wait a while to open it. It’s best to just open Mother Boxes as you earn them since they could contain gear that can help you more quickly level up low-level fighters. Plus, any gear that you don’t want you can just sell for credits that can be used to buy more Mother Boxes. 

The AI battle simulator can give you a solid boost early on

The AI Battle Simulator is an interesting mode in which you pick a team of three fighters and then pit them against another player’s team, but neither you nor your opponent directly control the fighters, you simply watch them fight in AI bouts and hope for the best. Doing a few AI Battle Simulator matches every now and then can be a big help, especially during your first few hours with Injustice 2. Not only do participating fighters earn a small amount of XP just for participating, but you also earn Mother Boxes through the mode as well (Bronze for losing, Gold for winning). Plus, watching the fights can help you learn combos and strategies for your favorite fighters that you might not have known about already.

Have your own tips and tricks for learning the Injustice 2 ropes? Feel free to share them in the comments below!