Five Gaming Predictions for 2019

It's the start of a new year, and that means one thing: It's time to start making some bold predictions for 2019! What will happen in gaming this year? We all probably have a few ideas, and yes, some games have been confirmed, but there's a lot that's still up in the air. So with that said, it's time to make some guesses as to what crazy video game announcements could maybe, possibly, hopefully (?) be on the horizon. To clarify, these aren't spoilers, they're predictions, so don't hold me too accountable for what's said here.

Cyberpunk 2077 will definitely launch this year

Okay, so we're kicking this list off with one of the less shocking predictions. It's less shocking for a couple reasons, the first being that Bilkom, the company that's publishing Cyberpunk 2077 in Turkey, was quoted as saying that the game would launch in 2019. Also, the game's been in development for quite some time, and unless CD Projekt Red is actually targeting a 2077 release window, 2019 seems like the most plausible year. I'm well aware that was a dumb joke, but I'm rolling with it!

Again, this may not be the boldest of predictions, but given how nothing is 100 percent set in stone regarding Cyberpunk 2077 even now, it's a valid prediction nonetheless.

Cyberpunk 2077 will win Game of the Year 2019

Okay, here we go!

From a not-so-shocking prediction to an incredibly bold one, I'm calling it right now and saying that Cyberpunk 2077 will — or might — be crowned 2019's Game of the Year. Even if you like what you've seen thus far, no one can say with any certainty that they'll love the game when it finally launches — if it launches — later this year. From the footage that's out there, it's easy to see how there's potential for something cool here, but Game of the Year 2019? Who knows? But hey, that's why this is a crazy prediction.

Sony and Microsoft will not announce new PlayStation and Xbox consoles

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been around for a little over five years at this point, so it's natural for folks to expect new consoles. There's been a bit of buzz regarding whether 2019 will be the year Sony and Microsoft announce their next platforms. While we definitely can't rule out the possibility, it doesn't look like either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One are going anywhere — at least not for a little bit longer.

The PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X have acted as upgrades to the current crop of consoles, with a lot of folks adopting these upgrades despite many of those same fans already having the original iterations of Sony and Microsoft's respective game systems. So while 2019 could be the year we learn about plans for the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles, 2020 seems a bit more likely.

Slightly Mad Studios will announce (some) third-party support for Mad Box

It wasn't too far into the new year when developer Slightly Mad Studios announced it was working on a console that would stand alongside Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's brand of gaming systems. Dubbed Mad Box, Slightly Mad Studios CEO revealed that the console would run games in 4K and at up to 120 FPS. On top of that, Mad Box is set to support most major VR headsets.

This early into its reveal, it would be impossible to expect Slightly Mad Studios to start name-dropping third-party devs and franchises for its future console. That said, come the end of the year — or maybe even at E3 in June — it's very possible that the company will begin revealing some support for its fledgling console. If past trends are any indication, Ubisoft will probably be one of the first companies to show support with the Assassin's Creed franchise. Seriously, tell me that's far-fetched. I dare ya.

Valve will readjust its profit margins for developers on Steam

One of the coolest things coming out of the Epic Games Store announcement is the high profit margin for developers. At 88 percent for devs and 12 percent for Epic Games, the profitability is definitely on the side of the folks who create games. Valve has run on a 70/30 margin for some time, and the company recently confirmed plans to offer higher profits for developers of games that reached certain sales milestones. This didn't exactly fly with everyone, and with Epic Games offering a much more appealing alternative, Valve may need to make some changes soon.

Steam may be the most popular and most used PC games client, but it's by no means untouchable. The user install base is definitely on Steam's side, and because the Epic Games Store is still in its infancy, there's no rush... yet. Valve may need to offer developers a bigger cut if it wants to keep its flow of content consistent.

Companies are always making changes to their policies if it means keeping up with business trends and staying successful. Valve has to be looking at different ways to evolve its policies in order to remain the top dog. It may not be in the very near future, but the company might release a statement on updated profit margins for developers who put out content on Steam, and that statement could potentially come before the end of the year.

Do you think any of the predictions listed here could happen in 2019? Are they utter nonsense? What big announcements do you think will come as a surprise this year? Let us know!