Final Fantasy VII double vinyl set coming in January, full tracklist

Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t hitting shelves until March 3, 2020, but to get amped up for its release, you’ll be able to dig into the game’s music before then.

Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy VII double LP package will be arriving on January 31, 2020. The package not only includes the music from Final Fantasy VII Remake but also the original soundtrack from 1997’s Final Fantasy VII. Disc 1 of the collection will feature the music from the Remake and disc 2 will feature music from the original game.

In addition, each disc features images of Cloud and Sephiroth from the upcoming game and from 1997. To hear snippets from the soundtrack, visit the Square Enix store, where you can also pre-order the double set.

Check out the tracklist below:

Disc 1 ‒ Side A: The Prelude/Tifa's Theme/Let the Battles Begin!/Flowers Blooming in the Church

Disc 1 ‒ Side B: Turks' Theme/Hurry!/Scorpion Sentinel/Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII

Disc 2 ‒ Side C: The Prelude/Opening - Bombing Mission/Tifa's Theme/ Shinra, Inc./Let the Battles Begin!/Turks' Theme

Disc 2 ‒ Side D: Flowers Blooming in the Church/Who…Are You? /Fight On! /Fanfare/The Chase/Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII