The fighting game reveals and announcements from EVO 2018

A casual EVO viewer might get a little lost in EVO’s torrent of announcements, trailers, and sneak peeks. Luckily, you don’t have to keep up. Just lose yourself in the hype of the grand finals matches and come here to get all your EVO news needs.

Here are the biggest new announcements from the world’s biggest fighting game tournament.

Street Fighter V shows G and Sagat gameplay footage, releases them in a few hours

As always, EVO ended with Street Fighter V, so of course we expected to see a few announcements come out of Capcom. Don’t get too excited, it was exactly what everyone expected, the gameplay reveal for G and Sagat.

G is apparently the president of Earth… no I’m not kidding. He has the ability to absorb power from the earth and its people to increase his presidentiality. He literally has a move that charges his “presidentiality” level. He also has a special move that allows him to give a speech to the people of earth, thus raising his super bar…I love everything about this character.

Presidentiality has a persistent effect on G’s special moves. Each time he raises a presidentiality level, his specials will get better. At maximum presidentiality his specials will do more hits and extra damage. However, G loses his presidentiality whenever he gets knocked down. No one wants to see their president on their back.

…I love everything about this character!

G’s V-Skill is G Barrier which covers him in fire. The barrier absorbs projectiles and launches anyone who touches it without hitting G.  His first V-Trigger is Maximum President which immediately maximizes his presidentiality and turns his G Barrier into a projectile. His second V-Trigger is Dangerous President which gives him access to a powerful command grab.

Of course, you aren’t here for the president of earth (even though you should be). You are here for the king, and Capcom did not disappoint.

Sagat plays much as he has in previous entries of the series, Tiger Shot and Tiger Uppercut intact. His V-Skill is even familiar, Angry Charge. It increases the power of his next Tiger Uppercut. His V-Trigger I is Tiger Charge, which gives him access to the Tiger Cannon, a huge multi hit version of Tiger Shot. His V-Trigger II is Tiger Assault, which gives him access to Tiger Spike, a charged guard break.

The biggest surprise about these two characters? They are available to play, now! That’s right, Capcom announced that they would be releases mere hours after their gameplay reveal, the Monday after EVO. SO go pick them up and get to fighting.

Dragon Ball FighterZ gets a little… Cooler

We already know who is coming soon to DBFZ. Its base Goku and base Vegeta, both scheduled to drop on August 8. Luckily, Bandai Namco didn’t leave us without any news. We also got a trailer for Cooler, part of the next DLC duo. Unfortunately, Cooler doesn’t have a release date yet and Bandai Namco didn’t have much else to show, but Cooler is looking awesome, and if the datamine has anything to say about it, the next character we are getting will be Android 17.

BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle announces nine new characters and an additional surprise

Not to be outdone by Capcom and Street Fighter, Arc System Works also had quite a few character reveals to give. In fact, they had nine characters to reveal, all at once. These nine characters will round out the last of season 1, and unfortunately they are the very characters that were leaked through a datamine. They are Nine, Izayoi, Mai, Akihiko, Mitsuru, Labrys, Yuzuriha, Merkava, and Mika.

And once again, we won’t have to wait for these characters long. They will go live for every version of BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle on Tuesday, August 7, a mere two days after EVO.

ASW had one more surprise to give us, though. The end of their trailer introduced yet another color, corresponding to another franchise that is going to cross over. Fans have assumed that this will be Senran Kagura, as data for Senran Kagura characters were found in a datamine. However, it might also point toward a season 2, which could include characters from all the other core franchises, as well as guest characters from IPs like Skullgirls or Fate. Who knows, maybe Toshimichi Mori will get his wish and 2B from Nier: Automata will get in the game.

Guilty Gear gets a new tease, and a new tournament

Arc System Works unfortunately didn’t have a lot to reveal at the end of the Guilty Gear grand finals on Sunday. Arc System Works CEO Minoru Kidooka said that the company was working on something Guilty Gear related, but they didn’t have any gameplay footage or even a teaser trailer to show.

Instead, we got a trailer for a new tournament series, the ArcRevo World Tour. It’s essentially ASW’s own personal tournament series. Qualifiers will be held at fighting game majors over the course of next year for Guilty Gear Xrd, BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle, and BlazBlue: Central Fiction. The best of the best will them meet up at Arc Revo 2019 in California for a chance to take home over $100,000 in prizes.

Soul Calibur VI gets two new returning favorites

During the much hype Soul Calibur VI exhibition, Bandai Namco released two new trailers for the upcoming game. The first was for Seong Mi-Na, a fan favorite and naginata user. Seong Mi-Ni seems to keep her long range poking style, however when she goes into soul charge she appears to get much more aggressive.

The second trailer was for everyone’s favorite big dumpy guy with an ax, Astaroth. Unfortunately, Astaroth was already expected since he has shown up in promotional art. He too plays exactly as you might imagine, combining big powerful moves with super armor and command grabs. Astaroth’s soul charge appears to remove his speed penalty, though, making him a blazing fast brawler for a short period of time.

Tekken 7 gets a season 2, and a very special guest character

It turns out that the rumors were true. Tekken 7 is, in fact, getting a brand season of content with a whole host of new characters, core, guest, and otherwise. The trailer showed off two returning favorites, Anna Williams and Lei Wulong. Both play much as they had in previous Tekken installments, Anna taking on a more aggressive riff on Nina’s assassin fighting style, and Lei focusing on staned based combat.

The biggest surprise was the character who was revealed at the end of the trailer, Tekken 7’s newest guest character: Negan from the Walking Dead. The crossover is strong with this one. Unfortunately Negan didn’t have any of his moves revealed, however we do know he is going to fight with his iconic spiked bat.

Unfortunately, season 2 wasn’t given a release date yet, however if we are to believe the trailer we will be getting a grand total of six characters to play with over the course of next year.

Dead or Alive 6 gets two new characters and teases two more

Dead or Alive’s reveal actually came slightly before EVO. They gave us a look at their brand new character, Diego, who appears to fight with a sort of street brawling style. They also showed us that Rig will be a returning character.

Not to leave us salivating at EVO, Tecmo Koei also teased two new characters with silhouettes shortly after the grand finals of their side tournament. I don’t know about you, but to me those shadows look like Hitmoi and Leifang. We will likely see a reveal at Gamescom 2018.

Nintendo reveals… a reveal

Even though Nintendo had three tournaments at this year’s EVO (Melee, Smash 4, and a Smash Bros. Ultimate Exhibition), they had very little news to show. However, they did have news about when they would have news to show. So I guess it’s not a total loss?

We are getting a brand new Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct this Wednesday, August 8, featuring “new game information.” I guess it’s better late than never.

That’s all the EVO news we have for you this year. What new fighting games are you hype about? Let us know in the comments.